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Big Data visualization

Products and applications today are powered by Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and most importantly they use data to produce the best results for the user. Massive amount of data is created on the internet every single day and the numbers are growing rapidly. Right from an electric cars to a browser extension, all the products are using large amount of data to improve their offerings and enhance the user experience.

Here’s a list of recently launched 10 such products that make use of data to directly deliver customer value instead of aiding it.

Products that Use Data to Deliver Value to the Users

1. Uber Movement

Uber introduced it’s new product called Uber Movement, which leverages anonymized data from over 2 billion trips to help improve urban planning around the world. They gather this information from thousands of online Uber vehicles. It shows how traffic is really moving around your city. It also provides powerful tools to analyze traffic changes over time: days, weeks and years. This helps in designing a pattern to make smart choices for your city and develop it more effectively.

2. AppFollow

AppFollow allows you to track dozens of apps at once and collects all the relevant data like reviews, ranks, keywords, downloads, and delivers updates to you via different channels like Slack, Hipchat, Telegram, Email, API etc. Such kind of data allows the designers to develop perfect mobile apps or optimize their present app based on the insights acquired from the customer reviews and ratings.

3. Founder Kit


Founderkit is a reviews site for tools that will help you build your startup. It started as a spreadsheet, which was shared with other founders, and quickly evolved into a full-fledged reviews site. This curated reviews website save your time and money while building your startup. Similarly there are many websites that use such reviews data on large scale to either build business intelligence or provide more value to the users.

4. Cafe Wifi Search

This app allows you to find and share great cafes to work from when you are on the move. It uses data from users’ FourSquare checkins and puts them on world map where you can search city wise. It also allows community members to vote and share user experience. This is very interesting way of using data which helps people to find good places to work when they are in new cities. Similarly another app, WifiMap, uses crowd-sourced data of routers and passwords across the globe, which is very useful for travelers.

5. All Hours

All Hours makes it super easy for you to find and discover cafes, shops, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and more, by their opening times! This app collects restaurant data and makes it available to the users depending on what time they are going for food and drinks. It also provides reviews and ratings for the same. Similarly, more and more F&B businesses are making use of such data to improve their hospitality and make smarter business decisions.

6. Pingu

Pingu transforms every online shopper’s decision-making experience. Instead of comparing prices on various sites, this extension provides you a clean user interface which doesn’t interfere with the product pages on various E-commerce websites. It shows deals/offers/faster delivery times from multiple websites in the same window, which makes shopping experience hassle free! This works almost similar to the price comparison websites available on the web that collect data from different E-commerce platforms.

7. Remote | OK

Remote OK is like a search engine for all the remote jobs. It aggregates all remote jobs data from different sources and allows you to apply for a job through the source. This makes it very easy for anyone to find and apply for remote jobs all at one place. This works similar to the regular job boards who aggregate job listings from different sources from the web and give their users a rich collection of jobs available across the globe.

8. Amazon Go

Amazon recently launched Amazon Go, the world’s most advanced shopping technology so you never have to wait in line. They make use of computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning to process the data that they collect via sensors and the user’s app. It detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual cart. The user can just walk out of store without any checkout, they will be charged via their Amazon account after leaving the store. This is one of the best example how data can be used to change the game of customer experience and provide more quality service.

9. History Timeline


It is inspired by Wait But Why’s blog post about Horizontal History — the idea of taking a “horizontal” slice of time and tracing the lifetimes of all the famous people living at that time. HistoryTimeline tracks the historical data of the world in famous people’s lifespans. Birth and death dates are mapped from Wikipedia, which is one of the largest source of data. It visualizes data and makes it easier for visitors to know about the lifespan of the famous people. You can filter the results based on time, place, area of work and place of birth to get more narrow list of famous personalities. 

10. EightyDays

EightyDays is a service that plans your multi-city travel in a few clicks. It allows user to enter start and finish city, the dates and the theme of the trip and offers several routes that you can use to plan your travel. You can book the tickets too at the same time. It uses travel data to analyze and suggest best results as per the travellers needs. There are other similar services like Journy & BaseTrip who make use of travel data to provide deep insights to the travellers to plan their trips effectively. Travel and hospitality industry is growing day by day, which is increasing the amount of data available on the web. This data can be consumed by travel portals to offer better services.

These are just 10 products that use data to drive success. Most of the apps and services are driven by the data that they receive. More and more data is getting generated on the web everyday, in different locations. This makes it very difficult and time consuming process to acquire such large volume of data spread across the web. This is where the products can leverage  web scraping services to  acquire and directly apply fresh, clean and ready-to-use data. In other words, you save resources to focus on the product growth!

Do you know any other products or services that make use of data to deliver impeccable customer value?  Feel free to comment below and let us know.

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