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Gathering Hotel listings is a difficult task for many Travel companies across the globe. Acquiring hotel data and other details like reviews & price, and mapping everything onto a single platform is difficult for the best of teams trying to make a place for themselves in the competitive Travel market today. Unfortunately, small yet growing companies face the worst resistance in the form of barriers for new entrants in the industry. With no established relationships with other companies, lot of travel companies are struggling to stay afloat to acquire hotel listings, location, reviews, price fluctuations and getting any other information that would help them achieve a fast track growth.

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Meet Mike, who is building a travel search engine. Mike needs millions of hotel listings and their reviews to back his one-stop travel shop. He finds himself in a similar predicament and decides that he had had enough of “Float in the dark” guesses and wanted to adopt a more measured and calculative approach to help his company gear up for a higher growth. He wished to acquire ready-to-use data from multiple hotels across the globe on a recurring basis and showcase them under his site’s travel catalog.

His major pain points were:

  • Aggregating catalogs of over 1 Million Hotels from more than 100 sites daily
  • Structuring data uniformly
  • Sustaining the data quality over time and through multiple repeat processes

He had used some screen-scraping tools to run crawlers but was stuck with the tools’ support without much headway into receiving data. Because the websites were too complex for these tools to handle and some much needed fields were not being captured. Moreover, Mike also wanted to aggregate prices for these accommodations from multiple travel sites, which would require regular crawl schedules.

Mike realized that acquiring data was a different undertaking, and he’d rather spend his energy tweaking his algorithms and product design to multiply his user base. That is when he reached out to PromptCloud, a web crawling and data extraction solution, to outsource his web crawling requirements.

PromptCloud helped Mike collect a variety of data-sets from the web, including-

  • Entire Hotel Catalog with room types, amenities, images
  • Daily hotel prices
  • Hotel ratings and reviews, as well as the reviewer profiles

All Mike had to do now was download the data sets that were uploaded onto the PromptCloud API and transfer to his own database.

By utilizing PromptCloud’s service, Mike is now happily focusing on-

  • Mike focuses on strategising new initiatives for his product
  • He has access to a comprehensive travel database along with incremental feeds that appear via PromptCloud’s API
  • He has done without an elaborate stack setup by relying on PromptCloud’s hosted solution

If you too wish to turn around your Travel Search Engine by easing your data acquisition pain points like Mike, just log on to or email us at and let us take away your data troubles for good.

Watch the video below to see how Mike turned around his Travel Search Engine and how you could leverage fresh and qualitative data feeds from PromptCloud to turn around your business as well.

Visit our Scraping Travel Reviews page to know more about the entire process.

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