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Product visibility


When we go to a supermarket, we go through thousands of products, but most of those that we end up purchasing falls into two specific categories –

  • Familiar brands that we have been using.
  • Products that grab our attention the most.

At times, you may even find that the second one may overcome the first. For instance, say you always buy orange juice of a brand, let’s call it “Brand A”. While buying groceries, you came across an orange juice box that stands out from the rest in terms of packaging. It is supposed to be healthier and has no added sugar. Customers would rarely end up checking the ingredients of every single orange juice brand in stock. But due to in-store product visibility, like in the case of brand A, may sell out quicker than the more commonly purchased one.

Why are we talking of supermarkets when we specifically want to increase the visibility of products on eCommerce websites? The logic behind making products more appealing on both platforms undergoes a similar product placement processs. You need to make your product stand out, in a way that consumers stop scrolling when they look at your product visibility. It should make people want to take it in their hands (or click on the product link) and do a deep dive. Users should find the image and the heading provided appealing enough to open the product page and read what’s inside.

Create quality content for your products

Putting your product on multiple eCommerce websites may give you a broad reach, but might not be enough for them to be “visible”. Creating quality blogs or short videos on several themes could help you find a wider reach! You can partake in multiple activities like –

  • Talk about the USP of your products or highlight the star products.
  • Share a comparison of your products with your competitors.
  • Discuss topics related to the your product and services delivered by you.

For example, a company that aims to sell healthy packaged food with no secret ingredients and chemicals posts blogs related to–

  • Products that are marked as natural in the market and the chemicals that they contain.
  • The actual quantity of “raw products” as compared to added flavours in common food items.
  • Chemicals and preservatives that add taste, flavour and shelf life to food products
  • Sugar alternatives in packaged food and whether they are healthy

Come up with easy to recall brand design

When we search for a product on a site like Amazon, we find 2 types of results –

  • Products with complete detailing: Products that have multiple images of the product and it’s packaging with a video that talks about how to use the product, goes a long way to build multi channel branding across digital platforms.
  • Products with fewer details: Items with one to none images, or having an unclear product description – often ranks lower because users can not understand the product.

Using clearer images and videos wherever you are selling your products can have a major impact on how fast they fly off the shelves. Even unbranded products with great images enjoy higher sales on eCommerce websites.

Better product headings and descriptions

When users go to a product page, right after the images, they look at the heading and the description. Let’s take an example of a product listed on Amazon, to figure out how both headings and descriptions can increase the sales of your products.

Description and ratings of a product on Amazon

This heading shows how you can keep things minimal and yet convey a lot of points. So what does the heading convey?

  • It’s a men’s shirt.
  • It has a slim fitting.
  • It’s for casual occasions.

While the colour could have been added too, it might make the heading too crowded!

Heading, Description and ratings of a product on Amazon
                                                          Fig: Bullet Points beside image for the same product.

The product heading is usually followed by a few bullet points mentioning important facts about the item. These are commonly placed just beside the images. Here we can see that some very important attributes of the product are mentioned such as the size chart, the material, colour, and important guidelines when buying. In general, these points cover a vast array of attributes and should be enough for anyone to decide on the purchase.

The heading and product details combination in the above example show how much can be conveyed to users in very little web page real estate!

Respond to frequently asked questions

This is common to both eCommerce sites like Amazon or Flipkart which allow users to ask questions as well as comment on your website. Answering all the questions that are asked by users can help spread the information to a larger crowd. As you might have noticed, the top-rated product whose description and heading we shared above also has 416 questions answered– a number that you will rarely see. And that effort from the seller has indeed paid off!

Get honest reviews from the consumers

You can learn from reviews and feedback and keep updating your product or service, but rather than just great reviews, what you need is honest reviews. Websites with fake reviews have flooded the internet and they are easy to distinguish now. Having balanced reviews from a variety of customers allow new users to find out how well your product fits their need at a specific price point. Honest and well-rounded reviews that cover a lot of bases of your product can have an exponential effect on visibility…thus increasing sales!

The best way to increase visibility is through sales– yes it does seem like a cyclic dependency but yes– the more people purchase your product, the more will new buyers’ trust increases. For initiating the sales in the initial phases a lot of the points mentioned above will help in better visibility. Listen to customers. Read the complaints they have with similar products. Decide upon the size and quantity options that would suit the user base most. Understand the price point that is desired. And lo and behold you would have increased your product visibility!

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