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Recent times have deeply engraved a society’s need for eCommerce into Maslow’s first step of physiological needs. And so has been the need for the data that it emanates for any eCommerce based application. Keeping this in mind, PromptCloud has launched a module to provide free feeds from Amazon India, Snapdeal, Paytm and Flipkart from a limited set of categories, which will be refreshed weekly.
These feeds have been setup for those in dire need of regular fresh data to run experiments on their individual applications. Datasets include fields like product name, description, price, discount, specifications, etc., encompassing the product catalog available on these eCommerce sites.
ecommerce data feed

How does this work? You register yourself on PromptCloud’s data dashboard and select the list of sites and categories that you’d like to subscribe to. You can also pick from various formats, i.e. JSON, XML, CSV or LDJSON for your data to arrive in. Once you’ve submitted this request, you have an option to use our API to programmatically download these feeds into your database or application, or locally download the files each week by logging on to this dashboard. We explain here detailed workflow.

So subscribe now and plug the free flow of eCommerce feeds into your applications for your eCommerce data related experiments.

In case you’re on the lookout for customized feeds and higher volumes to serve your enterprise requirements, you can reach out to us at sales@promptcloud.com to have us setup your custom data pipeline.

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