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Web Data Reveals how Visitors from the US and UK Review Iconic Spots When psychologists used the same personality test on hundreds of thousands of people belonging to different countries, they found a pattern to the average score which tends to be different across cultures. Simply put, every country has its own average personality. We got curious about how these personalities could be reflecting on the reviews left by people from different countries on the world’s popular landmarks.

To carry out this study, we extracted reviews posted by visitors from the US and the UK for Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, and The Statue of Liberty. Then we performed text mining techniques on this Web Data Reveals to derive some interesting insights. Read on to learn about our findings.


We deployed PromptCloud’s in-house web crawler to extract the reviews and built a Web Data Reveals with the following data fields:

  1. Review text
  2. Review title
  3. Landmark name
  4. Country of the reviewer

Dataset was further filtered to analyze the reviews posted by visitors from the US and UK only.

Eiffel Tower

Sentiment score

The sentiment expressed by visitors from the US and UK is not very different although the number of reviews by Americans is significantly higher in number.


Top three emotions expressed by Americans are ‘anticipation’, ‘joy’ and ‘trust’, while the emotions with least score are anger and disgust. Overall, the reviews are largely positive.

Coming to the reviewers from the UK, there is not much difference in terms of top three emotions and the emotions with least scores in comparison to the US. We can also see that polarity wise, the majority of the reviews are positive.


Frequently used words

The most used words by both US and UK visitors hint at the view of Eiffel Tower, which is something they’re both equally impressed by.

Visitors from the US have particularly highlighted the view at night which is missing in case of the UK.


It seems Britishers were, however, a bit impatient and not very pleased by the long queues. Queue and Queues are prominent words in the reviews by them.

Web Data on most frequent words used by visitors from UK for Eiffel Tower

The word cloud given below highlights the comparison of frequent words submitted by the reviewers.



Both the American and Britishers have predominantly given 5-star rating which is evident from the histogram given below. In case of the UK, the average value comes close to 4.5.

In case of the US, the average rating is more than 4.5.


Statue of Liberty

Sentiment score

The sentiments aren’t very different across reviewers from the US and UK in case of the Statue of liberty, i.e., the emotion scores and polarity ratio are almost similar.  

Sentiment score - US - UK - Eiffel-Tower

Word frequency

Frequently used words were mostly about how to reach the landmark and these included ‘Island’, ‘Tickets’, ‘Ferry’ and ‘Boat’. These words were consistently the same in reviews by both US and UK visitors.


It is also evident that the Americans were more focused on the tickets in comparison to their counterparts from the UK.


The following word cloud shows a comparative view of more number of words.



In this case also both of the visitors have primarily showered 5-star ratings.


Americans were once again more liberal in terms of rating as the average score is higher in comparison to the Britishers. Judging by the nominal rating habits, It seems Britishers are hard to impress.


Taj Mahal

Sentiment score

Considering the total number of reviews were almost the same for both the US and UK, we can see that largely the emotions and the polarity (positive/negative) scores are similar.


Comparatively, negative score is a bit higher for the reviews posted by the Britishers.  


Frequency of words

Beautiful and amazing were among the prominent words in the reviews of Taj Mahal, which tells us how this marvelous historical monument has impressed the visitors.


Since ‘Guide’ is also among the top 10 words, it’s obvious that the visitors had to depend on guides to get around this attraction.


The following word clouds depict comparative view of other high frequency words:



Taj Mahal has the highest average rating among the three landmarks that we’ve used for this project. Just like the other attractions here also majority of ratings are in the 5-star range.

The average ratings are surprisingly similar across reviewers of both US and UK with the US still maintaining slightly higher rating.



While the reviews posted by travellers from the US and the UK on these popular landmarks are similar in most aspects, we could deduce some personality traits of these countries from the sentiment score and the rating they have left for the places. The visitors from the US seemed very pleased with their experiences, but the visitors from the UK weren’t equally impressed. This is obvious since the average rating given by them for all the three landmarks is a bit on the lower side compared to that of US visitors. However, the sentiment scores were largely similar considering the proportionate number of reviews submitted by the visitors. If we choose to ignore these minor differences, it’s clear that both US and UK reviewers had more in common about how they enjoyed their visits.

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