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Job boards serve an irreplaceable function in the business world – connecting job seekers with companies looking to hire the right candidates. They do this by setting up a platform where candidates and companies can create their own profiles and start their search for talent or job opportunities. The process starts with companies posting information about the job openings like job roles, requirements like years of experience, qualifications and the like. Candidates respond to the posting by sending their resumes. There are job boards that cover all the industries as well as niche-based ones that are meant for only a certain type of job/industry.

Job boards can make money through various monetisation methods. Most of them charge membership fees from companies to post their job openings. This along with contextual advertising make job boards a lucrative business. If you’re looking to create your own job board and are clueless on how to go about setting one up, we have you covered. This guide will give you a fundamental understanding of how job boards work and how you can create one.

Choosing your Niche

This is not always a necessary step and can be skipped if you plan to create a job board that will cater to all types of jobs. However, this would be a rather challenging way forward as the competition will be too high here. Going with a niche industry would make your entry into the market easier and smooth. Say you are setting up a job board for certain professionals, like accountants or financial experts. If you have experience in the niche, it can even make things easier for you as you’d have an idea of what the industry wants and can also run a blog on the site to bring in organic traffic. Blogging is one of the best ways to attract prospective clients to your site rather than reaching out to them. The more traffic you have, the more you can charge for the job listings. Hence, selecting a niche you are already a part of help make your job board successful.

Building the Platform

There are different ways you can build your job board site.

a) Build it from Scratch

Building the site from scratch will obviously require the technical skills of an experienced web developer. The cost can also go up as coding a site from scratch requires a lot of time and effort. This route is only recommended if you are ready to invest a huge sum of money into the site. The benefit of having a job board developed from scratch is that you will have fine control over every aspect of the site like design, features and functionalities.

b) Using a standalone WordPress Theme

There are WordPress themes that can instantly turn your site into a beautiful and functional job board. Since these themes are built for job boards, the design and structure of the theme will complement your job board without any further tweaks. Sometimes, you will have to use plugins to add some additional features.

You don’t have to possess any expert level technical skills to install and set up a WordPress theme. The downside to using themes to set up your job board is the lack of flexibility. You will not be able to easily give your site a new look by changing the theme as it will mean a loss of data. If that’s something you can compromise on, there are so many great job board themes for WordPress like JobEngine, WPJobus and JobJockey. Most job board themes come with functionalities like Payment gateway support, translation readiness, instant notifications, custom forms and job monitoring. You can always use plugins to fill in for the missing features.

c) WordPress Plugins

There’s always a WordPress plugin for anything you can think of. There are some plugins that can turn your existing WordPress site into a job board. These are useful when you don’t want to swap your theme for a new one while converting your site into a job board. Plugins are also an ideal option when you want to add a job board section to your existing site without completely starting over. There are multiple options you can choose from among the WordPress plugins depending on your specific requirements and preferences. Using a theme or plugin-based solution is much easier and costs less than developing it from scratch. WP Job board, Jobs and Experts and WP Job Manager are some popular WordPress plugins for turning your site into a job board. These plugins come with all the necessary features that are vital to a job board.

Themes or Plugins?

Should you choose a theme or go with a plugin? This is going to depend a lot on what you’re planning to build. If you’re totally new to tinkering with WordPress, it’s better to go the theme route as it would eliminate the need for finding a theme that will work smoothly with the plugin that you’re going to install. Themes also come as a package which makes it easier to set up. But, if you’re trying to add a job board section to an existing site, plugins are what you should use. Either way, it’s important to evaluate the different options and choose something that’s easy, robust and future proof. Since WordPress has a wide variety of options to choose from, you won’t be out of luck if you’re trying to build your job board on top of WordPress.

Job Data

Setting up the website is only a small part of building your own job board. Marketing it to the right audience and gaining job postings is going to be a bigger challenge that awaits you. Without adequate exposure and traffic, it might be difficult to get job postings and candidate resumes on your job board. One way to tackle this is by using a web crawling solution to aggregate job data from the web. Since many job listings sites allow crawling, this can feed you with the required data in the beginning. You could also make use of our free job feeds to enrich your job board site with job listings. Many leading organizations are also using job insights for strategic workforce planning.


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