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Each passing year is turning our world into a smarter and more connected place where every other thing communicates with one another. The Internet of Things is a technology with immense potential and it is expected to improve the efficiency and productivity of individuals as well as businesses. Part of it has to do with IoT boosting the productivity of individuals who make up the organizations. Here’s how IoT is expected to drive innovation and boost business productivity in the near future by changing the face of management and organization.

Internet of things

What exactly is IoT

Unlike the name suggests, Internet of things has very less to do with the internet itself. In IoT, it acts as the medium of communication between smart versions of objects that we use. It is these smart objects that can communicate with each other that truly holds the essence of IoT. The name of this smart technology doesn’t really emphasize the game-changing possibilities that it could bring about. The new possibilities that IoT will offer can only be imagined since there would be so much of it. The number of smart, connected devices are growing and these devices can generate valuable data that could help businesses achieve their best.

Improved Connectivity

Connecting devices to the web and improving the output efficiency is what IoT is all about. When various components of a system are communicating with each other and the user at the same time, it leads to a significant boost in the productivity. Businesses can also use the data generated in the process for evaluating the functioning of the system and identifying bottlenecks in the process. Another great advantage of IoT is the convenience of location tracking. Real time tracking of objects will definitely save a lot of valuable time and effort. When it comes to manufacturing, every single object inside a plant can be tracked and controlled remotely using IoT sensors. Manufacturing operations can greatly benefit from the implementation IoT with the connectivity upgrade it has to offer.

Squeezing the Most out of Time

Productivity is all about the work done in a certain period of time. Think about a scenario where you get all the alerts about the status of an ongoing business process on your smartphone. It will certainly save you a lot of time that could have been lost enquiring about it and getting manual feedback. In most cases, the smart devices can also make decisions based on these notifications without having to interrupt the users.

Smarter Daily Commute

Daily commute is one area where we lose so much of our valuable time that could have gone into doing something productive. It not only kills the time, but also frustrates and annoys us which could affect our work productivity for the rest of the day. IoT is expected to have an answer for this loss of time and productivity in daily commute. It could greatly innovate the way we commute with the interconnectivity of devices, vehicles and transport systems.

The elements of our streets, from street signs to stoplights will be connected together and act as different components of a big system. This along with the use of sensors to recognize and analyse traffic patterns could send the word ‘traffic jam’ back to the dictionary from the real world. Sounds mystical? It’s not very far from being a reality.

Better Customer Relationship Management

As a rule of thumb, the improvement in productivity can directly improve the customer experience.  That apart, the transformation of your business from an ordinary one to a smart and connected one also means you can attend to customer’s issues in real time and provide prompt solutions. The interconnectivity of the smart components of your system will make sure that catering to customers is an easy task. These smart systems will even be able to take feedback or complaints from the customers and provide solutions with little human intervention.

Automation and Maintenance

Automation is being used in business activities for quite some time now. Automation can save the valuable time and human labour while making the task more streamlined and error-free. IoT will help the current automation systems achieve 10x more than what they can do now. It can help connect different components involved in a sequential process which will greatly enhance the productivity of enterprises by making the processes faster and efficient. Maintenance is also easier when IoT has everything connected with sensors that can detect and diagnose malfunctioning equipment. This eliminates the delay in identification of problems within a system. Identifying minor issues in time is extremely important as it could lead to major problems if left unattended.

Bottom line

Imagine all the objects and tools that we use getting smart and start communicating with each other. This could help us squeeze maximum productivity and efficiency from anything that they are employed for. IoT can achieve this with its power to turn anything and everything into smarter connected entities. Businesses being a collective of several processes and systems, will hugely benefit from this giant leap of technology. The data aggregation power of web scraping can be combined with IoT technologies to truly create innovation in the business scene.

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