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6 Refreshing Data Cocktails

In this digital age, Data Security is a prime concern bothering companies. Hacking and intrusions to customer data can ruin a company’s credibility and pose a serious threat to their data security. To manage such risks, Data Centers have been established by different companies. Data Centers are centralized repositories for storing, managing, and distributing data for any business.


IT professionals or those working in the internet-dependent job roles need to have a fair knowledge about the construction and maintenance of data centers as well as its data storage and delivery system. To ensure data security, most traditional companies prefer running Data Analytics workloads on-premises than have it on the cloud.  The reason could be that their clients are still not sure about going for a cloud deployment model due to security issues. Nik Rouda, working as a senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group said, “Even though the cloud is flexible, but still, data analytics workloads are mainly on-premises.”

Moving to Cloud is the recent trend but even today many IT professionals prefer data centers than the cloud. However, big data workloads are built around mobile devices or cloud services and they can make existing data center infrastructure ineffective. Organizations are busy analyzing the cost and reliability involved in leveraging the public cloud. Some of these organizations are still not sure about going with the public cloud especially when it comes to workloads associated with Big Data technology.

According to a survey conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group, “18 percent of respondents were planning to employ dedicated data servers for analytics workloads; 30 percent wanted to go for traditional virtualized infrastructure, and 21 percent were considering using dedicated analytics appliances. Only 21 percent wanted to go with public cloud, while another 10 percent were thinking about a public or private hybrid deployment.”

List of 5 Crucial Data Centers

  • Switch SuperNAP


Switch SuperNAP boasts being one of the world’s largest data center to date. Covering an area of 3,500,000 million square feet, it is strategically located in Las Vegas, Southern Nevada. There are plans to make Nevada the most digitally connected state in the US. Its major projects include the installation of fiber optic network cables worth 500 miles connecting Reno, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

  • The Lakeside Technology Center

Lakeside Technology Center is strategically located at 350 East of Cermak in Chicago, USA. It is used by business giants such as Facebook, IBM, and others as well. It is one of the world’s largest carrier hotels owned by Digital Realty Trust. In-built with highly sophisticated infrastructure including four fiber vaults, three electric powers feed, this technology center generates more than 100 megawatts of power. Employing more than 50 generators, it is fueled by around 30,000-gallon tanks of diesel. Its cooling system is one of the most exclusive features of this center.

  • DuPont Fabros Technology

Located in Virginia, USA, DuPont Fabros Technology possesses around 1.6 million square feet of area. This center possesses 28 computer rooms and a capacity of over 10.5 thousand servers. The ACC7 has a commercial area of 450 thousand square feet and produces 41.6 MW of power.

  • Utah Data Centre

Utah Data Centre is a data storage facility designed to store exabytes or even more data. The foundation stone of Utah Data Centre was laid near Bluffdale in the USA. It has been established to support the cybersecurity initiative laid by the National Security Agency. This data center processes different forms of communication like private emails, cell phone calls, internet searches, and others as well.

  • Microsoft Data Centre

Microsoft has announced its plans of building another data center. This renowned name already possesses an area of 4.1 million square feet. The new data center to be established will enhance around 1.2 million square feet of commercial space to Microsoft’s portfolio. This data center is situated near West Des Moines at Iowa in the USA.


The enormous growth of the internet is creating an enormous need for data storage and network capacity leading to the opening up of new data centers. These data centers would be equipped to manage and utilize resources, more efficiently. Today, the user is empowered with services like DropBox, which help ordinary users to manage their data storage needs. Keeping in mind the growing needs of our clients, different data centers are being established across the technology world.

In the present scenario, Data Centers have advanced tremendously especially when it comes to cooling, power efficiency, high-density computing. The latest data centers are highly efficient and flexible in managing the resources consumed and have opened new frontiers in data management.

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