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This isn’t going to be another customer vs employee topic. That is a completely different discussion that merits its own page! In fact, in this article, I’m not even going to be talking about employees. It will be a customer-centric article that outline why your customer should never be treated like a king! At PromptCloud, we are obsessed with customers.

Yes. You heard that right! I, as a salesman, have the audacity to claim that the customer should never be treated like a king. It goes right against what most of us would’ve learnt either at work or in the “intensive” MBA courses! And with the exponential growth of Social Media, this age-old refrain has been reinforced in most people’s especially sales guys’ mind! However, I’m here to tell you that the customer is not the king. A customer should, instead, be your Best Friend. And such a friendship should be built on mutual trust.

Intrigued? Read on to understand why.


Let’s assume that a person is making a mistake. Now if it was your best friend, you would surely advise them against that mistake. Similarly, if that person is doing something good, you’d be happy about it and would also do your best to help them achieve their target.

Now, in the above scenario, replace “best friend” with a “king”, and chances are that, negative or positive, you’d either be scared or reluctant to get involved with the kingdom’s matter irrespective of whether you’re a citizen or not.

Treat your client like your best friend and such a treatment is what would leave a lasting impression in your client’s mind (or leads for that matter). In this generation of information overload where most of the vendors are offering pretty much similar solutions, the salesperson’s behavior itself becomes a differentiator.


Let’s say, your best friend is looking to purchase a new bike. You yourself would also start researching on what are the bikes that are available in the market and how their reviews are. After all, you wouldn’t want your best friend to make a poor choice or worse, you wouldn’t want them to give up because of lack of information. 

And this is what a salesperson’s approach should be while interacting with a lead or a client. Whenever a client reaches out with a vague or unclear requirements, while it might be an instinctive reaction to push them for clearer project specification, it would be significantly beneficial to handhold clients in order to co-create a solution rather than relying entirely on them to define the specifications. Such an approach builds credibility and a level of trust for future conversations.


Now, imagine that you work in a camera store and your best friend walks in with the need to buy a new camera. What would you do? You’ll take time to understand the reason behind camera purchase intent, the intended type of photography, the budget and only then advise on a camera to buy. In case that friend has already selected a camera, you’d still try to get those details and see if their choice is indeed a good one or not. But when a king or a royal person for that matter has the same predicament, the immediate response would be to see the highest priced camera.

This is why a salesperson needs to be a best friend. Such advisory nature is sure to build a loyal customer base, who would stick to your company for all the related needs. As a salesperson, you might be tempted to sell a higher priced product and justified so, because of the higher incentives as well as better number for the company in that instant. However, building a sustainable relationship with the client will yield better incentives for you and higher numbers for your company in the long run. 


When it comes to your day to day life, whose feedback will you take more seriously and have the tendency to work on those pointers. Your best friend’s, right? Similarly, when you treat your customers as your best friends, any advice or feedback that they provide you with will be taken seriously and you’ll start noticing a stark improvement in the way you interact with your customers. 

Is Customer the King – Conclusion

Remember, if a lead/prospect is contacting multiple 4 vendors offering similar services, which in all probability is the case most of the times, it generally boils down to the salesperson attitude, helpfulness and knowledgeability. Be that differentiator.

Similarly, if you’ve already acquired a client, become that trusted advisor when for all problem statements that are related to your service. Become a friend the client doesn’t know that they need.

And if you’re looking for similar friends in the web crawling industry, do not hesitate to contact us. Like The Rembrandts said, “I’ll be there for you!”.


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