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LinkedIn surfaced on the world wide web on 19th May 2011. Since then, within their short journey of 5 years, it turned 332 million heads towards it. Now, with every passing second 2 new users sign up with LinkedIn and every single day, 25 million profiles are actively viewed on it. These are just stats, but it gives us a rough idea about the colossal future of LinkedIn and marketers are well aware of this incident. Thus, they are exploring new ways to generate more leads by posting appealing updates on their company page on LinkedIn. 

So, what is LinkedIn today? Biggest ever social network for professionals since the Big bang? A content marketing platform for both existing and budding businesses? A potential talent pool for recruiters or a platform that is radically changing the enterprise marketing scenario?

Admittedly, it is hard to define!

Let’s say, I am a potential marketer for my company and LinkedIn is not on my marketing calendar, or as a company, we do not exist on LinkedIn, which drives in 42 million unique mobile visitors per month. How does that sound?

Virtual. Right?

Frankly speaking, it will be pretty hard to find a single business that lives on the web and does not have a company page on LinkedIn. On the contrary, most of the upcoming, already existing and already coveted businesses on this planet admit that more than 64% of their qualified business leads are mothered by LinkedIn and with its current growth rate, it is pretty sure that, LinkedIn is darn close to living up with their vision of building 3 billion user base.

LinkedIn Is More Than A Social Network

Typically, LinkedIn is not a mere social network of professionals anymore. Now, it is an authority, which is getting seriously followed by most of the business world. Their attention is the exact thing, your company needs. But, building an appealing company profile page on LinkedIn is just the first step. What you need is a targeted reach to those market segments, where potential clients hang around and look for the proper tools to enhance their business. So, reaching out to them is not a stepless process.

Everything starts with your company’s profile page and how you are updating the same for your users. So, the main theme of this article is to enlighten those factors of a standard LinkedIn marketing strategy which will help you to harness more reachability. At the end of the day, all of these efforts target a single question. How to generate more leads from LinkedIn?

  • Engage – The Never-Ending First Impression


User engagement is the first and foremost factor of any marketing strategy. So, to boost your journey with LinkedIn you will have to engage your targeted audience first. You need to staple an appealing headline and a concise yet informative rich introduction along with your every single news update, your company profile page houses.

Added to this, there is another important factor, namely, ‘call to action’. News updates with a clear call to action approach get twice more user engagement than those which lack it. It is like you are fostering your users with a clear road to your business’s official webpage. For engaging users for a long time and building a relationship with them you need to be more authentic and frequent. Like, you can ask questions that will drive interest among your users or you can join different groups having similar interests and start contributing to that group.

  • LinkedIn groups – Your Owned Market

Moreover, you can build your group and invite others to join the same to spread your voice among them. Now, these groups are pretty important for widening your catchment area. Simply think, if your group covers 5000 members, which is not impossible to build for any type of business, then your every update will have an automated reach of 5000 minds, every single time. It is not just a group. It is the market which you own.

  • Content – The Ultimate Weapon


In this social marketing arena, content is the ultimate weapon for marketers. Compelling, and authentic contents are the building blocks of modern digital marketing.

Rules are simple:

  • Generate rich content both in terms of qualitative and quantitative levels.
  • Add meaningful images with each content as content with relevant images gets 11 times more impressions than those contents without any images
  • You can add your Youtube video links directly, with your updates on the company profile page as Youtube videos play right within LinkedIn’s interface, which encourages your users to share more.
  • Publish sterling content regularly and engage your users through their comments. The whole idea is to educate them and to make them understand what your vision is.

Learn the Rules of the Market

It is a no brainer. As a marketer if you know the rules of the game, only then you can shape your future strategies. The whole idea is to get blended in with the current market trends or this radically changing market will tag you like a slow runner and this is highly possible through your content updates on your company page.

To chalk out the right balance among your targeted audience, you need to mix things up. That being said, try to update news that is versatile in every respect as a continuous stream of updates on a particular issue or technical aspect makes it looks dull. So, you need to examine your audiences through different news updation approaches.

Admittedly, change is the only constant and most of the future business leaders out there on any social surface including LinkedIn follow the same. Times, you need to come up with bright content that conveys a mixture of both technical and inspirational messages.

Moreover, while you monitor and analyze your target market through different social analytics tools, you need to focus on these metrics;

  • What type of updates are driving in more user engagements
  • The time of the day at which your targeted users are highly active
  • The right frequency of publishing your updates on your company page

So, these are the common areas that need to be brushed for making your updates to appear more appealing and more focused on your company profile page and this list is not complete as there are other ways. Both paid and free, to generate more qualified leads from LinkedIn but for any journey. The very first step is the hardest one as it will build the foundation for your future growth.

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