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While the Internet is an ocean of information, businesses need to access this data the smart way for their success in today’s world of cut-throat competition. However, the data on the web may not be open for all. Most sites do not provide an option of saving the data that’s displayed. This is precisely where web scraping services come into the picture. There are endless applications of web scraping for business requirements. In this blog, PromptCloud looks at how web data extraction services to help enterprises grow. Data scraping provides value addition to multiple industry verticals in a multitude of ways:

Check out some of these scenarios.


The Value Proposition of Web Scraping for Different Industries

1. Collecting Data from Various Sources to do Analysis from Web Data Extraction Services

There may be a need to analyze and gather data for a particular domain from several websites. This domain can market, finance, industrial equipment, electronic gadgets, automobiles, or real estate. Different websites belonging to different niches show information in diverse formats. It is also possible that you may not see the entire data at once in a single portal. We could distribute the data across many pages, such as in results of a Google search under different sections. It is possible to extract data via a web scraper from various websites into a single database or spreadsheet. Thus, it becomes convenient for you to visualize or analyze the extracted data.

2. For Research Purpose

For any research data is an important part, be it for scientific, marketing, or academic purposes. Web scrapers can help you collect structured data from various sources on the net with great comfort.

3. For Price Comparison, Market Analysis, E-commerce or Business by Using Web Data Extraction Services

Businesses that cater to services or products for a particular domain must have detailed data of similar services or items that come to the market daily. Software for web scraping is useful to ensure a constant vigil on the data. We can access all the information from various sources by only clicking a few buttons.

4. To Track the Online Presence

This is a key aspect of the web crawling where reviews and business profiles on the portals are tracked easily. The information can then assess the reaction of customers, user behaviour, and product performance. The crawlers can also check and list several thousands of user reviews and user profiles that are quite handy for business analytics.

5. Managing Online Reputation

It is a digital world today and more and more organizations are showing their keenness to spend resources on managing online reputation. So, web scraping is a necessary tool here too. While the management prepares its ORM strategy, the extracted data helps it to understand the target audiences reached and which areas could be vulnerable to the brand’s reputation. Web crawling can reveal important demographic data like the sentiment, GEO location, age group, and gender in the text. When you have a proper understanding of these vulnerable areas, you can take leverage out of them.

6. Better Targeted Advertisements Provided to the Customers

Web scraping tools will not only give you figures but will also provide you with behavioural analytics and sentiments. So, you are aware of the audiences and the kinds of advertisements they would prefer to watch.

7. To Collect Opinion From the Public

Web scraping helps you to monitor particular organizational web pages from different social networks to collect updates on the views of the people on specific companies and their products. Collecting data is extremely important for the growth of any product.

8. Results of Search Engines Scraped to Track SEO

When the organic search results scraped, it is easier to track your SEO rivals for a certain search term. It helps you to determine the keywords and the title tags that are being targeted by your competitors. Eventually, you know the keywords that are bringing in more web traffic to your website, the content, which is more appealing to the online users and the links that are attracting them. You also get to know the resources that will help to get your site a higher rank in the search results.

Web Scraping Techniques

There can be various ways of accessing the web data. Some common techniques are using API, using the code to parse the web pages and browsing. Using API is relevant if the site from where the data needs extraction supports such a system from before. Look at some common techniques of web scraping.

1. Text Grepping and Regular Expression Matching

It is a simple technique and yet can be a powerful method of extracting information or data from the web. However, the web pages then based on the grep utility of the UNIX operating system for matching regular expressions of the widely used programming languages. Python and Perl are some such programming languages. 

2. HTTP Programming

Often, it can be an enormous challenge to retrieve information from both static and dynamic web pages. However, it can accomplish by sending your HTTP requests to a remote server through socket programming. By doing so, We can assure clients of getting accurate data, which can be a challenge otherwise.

3. HTML Parsers

There are few data query languages in a semi-structured form capable of including HTQL and XQuery. These can parse HTML web pages, thus fetching and transforming the content of the web.

4. DOM Parsing

When you use web browsers like Mozilla or Internet Explorer, it is possible to retrieve the contents of dynamic web pages generated by client scripting programs.

5. Reorganizing the Semantic Annotation

Some web scraping services can cater to web pages, which embrace metadata markup or semantic. They track certain snippets. The web pages may embrace the annotations regarded as DOM parsing.

Setup or Configuration Needed to Design a Web Crawler

The below-mentioned steps refer to the minimum configuration required for designing a web scraping solution.

HTTP Fetcher– The fetcher extracts the web pages from the site servers targeted.

Dedup– Its job is to prevent extracting duplicate content from the web by making sure that the same text not retrieved multiple times.

Extractor– This is a URL retrieval solution to fetch information from multiple external links.

URL Queue Manager– This queue manager puts the URLs in a queue and assigns a priority to the URLS that needs extraction and parsed.

Database– It is the place or the destination where data after being extracted by web scraping tools stored to process or analyze further.

Advantages of Data as a Service Providers

Outsourcing the data extraction process to a DaaS provider is the best option for businesses as it helps them focus on their core business functions. By relying on data as a service provider, it frees you from the technically complicated tasks such as crawler setup, maintenance, and quality check of the data. Since DaaS providers have expertise in extracting data and a pre-built infrastructure and team to take complete ownership of the process, the cost that you would incur will be significantly less than that of an in-house crawling setup.

Key Advantages Of Web Data Extraction Services

  • Completely customizable for your requirement
  • Takes complete ownership of the process
  • Quality checks to ensure high-quality data
  • Can handle dynamic and complicated websites
  • More time to focus on your core business

To Sign Off

From the above discussion, a quality web scraping system can be a blessing for contemporary businesses in today’s times of intense competition. Web scraping can also help the businesses to gather relevant and real-time data to help in servicing the clients, nurture leads better, improve operational performance within the workplace, and take actions on insights generated.



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