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Affiliate marketing has been on the rise in the age of digital marketing and eCommerce. It is beneficial to both customers and companies. The latter spends less on advertising and marketing, and the former can get the goods at a cheaper price. Different platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more have helped people reach out to wider audiences and increased conversion rates. In this blog, we will explain popular tools used in building affiliate marketing websites powered by web scraping, to get an additional edge to boost marketing efforts.

Why Build an Affiliate Marketing Website?

Building your website would allow you to have greater flexibility in the type of content you create and the media you use. Also, you would not be facing the restrictions that are imposed by individual social media websites today. Companies are more likely to tie up with you to get featured on your websites, and you could even charge special fees to their banners.

How can Web Scraping Help in Affiliate Marketing?

The most vital point for a thriving affiliate marketing business is the content. Getting the trending keywords and topics is one thing, and generating quality content on it is another. This is where web scraping services come into the picture. Using web scrapers, one can crawl content from thousands of websites using specific keywords across thousands of websites, in a matter of minutes.

Especially if you want to collect loads of product images or descriptions that you want to share on your websites, doing it in a fast and efficient manner is only achievable through websites scraping technology. Tracking usage of your brand name and customer sentiments is another use that web scraping can serve your affiliate marketing website in the longer run.

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Tools Used by Affiliate Marketing Websites

Building an affiliate marketing website can be challenging in absence of the right tools. This is the reason why most affiliate marketing companies use a lot of third-party tools to make their work easier. Said tools do not only make the website functionally appropriate but also render it more pleasing aesthetically so that one-time customers become long-term users. 

Some of the tools used by affiliate marketing websites are as follows:

1. WordPress– If you are setting up a website for the first time, WordPress is the best tool for you. You can buy domains, set up your website, choose from hundreds of varied templates and create content with ease using WordPress. 

Affiliate Marketing Website Powered by Web Scraping

Plans start at a few dollars per month for the Personal plan, while there are also Premium and Business plans available. The plans come with a free domain for a year, email and live support, loads of free themes, few GBs of storage spaces and even ways to monetize your website.

2. Grammarly– One of the most popular writing assistants in the market today, Grammarly is used not only by content creators but students, professors, editors and almost everyone who needs to type content on laptops. They have great features like plagiarism checks, grammar checks, sentence complexity checks, and more. 

In case you need a lot of textual content on your website, using Grammarly on your content before putting it on the web is an absolute must to make sure that your content is sans any mistakes and also appears appealing and simple to your users.

3. ClickMeter–Monitoring several metrics is a must for affiliate marketing websites. ClickMeter helps you target visitors at places where the conversion rate has been statistically proven to be higher. It also helps monitor broken links in your website, check click frauds, latency and blacklists.

At the same time, it also tracks views, clicks and conversion so that you can strategize better. It also offers an option for you to share these metrics with clients, partners and coworkers.

4. BuzzSumo–The more content you have on your website, the more organic clicks you are bound to attract. However, creating new content every day may prove to be a difficult task. BuzzSumo is a website that can help you with new and trending content. It helps you do four tasks-

  • Explore trending topics and content which can give you ideas about what to put on your website.
  • It gives you millions of data points to analyse to improve your marketing strategies.
  • You can identify influencers using that platform who can help increase your brand recognition.
  • You can monitor trends and public sentiment to make real-time decisions.

5. Canva–Need graphics, images, and beautiful charts on your affiliate marketing website but lacking a graphic designer on your team? Canva is a tool that you can use for all your graphic needs. It offers a large range of templates to build interesting graphs for your website.

Affiliate Marketing Website Powered by Web Scraping

However, Canva can be used for a lot more than graphs. You can also create infographics, presentations as well as reports. In case you have photos that you need to put on your website and edit them, Canva also has a built-in photo editor for you to use on them.

6. WhatRunsWhere – Want to spend money on advertising your Affiliate Marketing Website but not sure where to spend the dollars. Use WhatRunsWhere to use your advertising money in a way that it has maximum impact. It will help you identify winning campaigns, find new audiences, access best in class data from online markets, and stay updated on your competitor’s strategies.

7. SEMrush–One of the favourite SEO tools for digital marketing personnel, SEMrush is an SEO suite that is used by industry giants like Phillips, BNP Paribas and If you are looking at improving your online visibility and tapping market analytics, this is a tool like no other.

8. DupliChecker–Working with a content creation team and do not want your website to be penalized for their mistakes? Make sure every content goes through a plagiarism checking website like DupliChecker.

This is the best practice for anyone putting the textual content on the web since if you put plagiarized content and it is detected by search engines like Google, you will end up further in search results.

9. Hemingway–Want to keep content on your website simple, easy to understand, and grammatically correct, all at the same time? Hemingway is the tool for you. It has both online as well as Mac or Windows-based tools for your use. It highlights adverbs, omittable words, complex or long sentences, phrases having simpler alternatives, texts in the passive voice, and more in your text.

10. Google Analytics–A tool that no website creator can miss out on is Google analytics. Not only does it provide valuable information about the performance of your website, but also integrating it with your website is extremely simple. From website analytics to web-pages that are down, Google Analytics is a must-have.


Data is a very important resource today, and whatever you forget to use, will be used up by someone else. This is why our data scraping team at PromptCloud makes it easier for non-tech companies to harness data to grow their business. We offer DaaS, that is data as a service. You provide us with the details of the data you need, and where you need it from, and we provide it to you in the format and in the delivery method you ask for. 

Affiliate marketing is growing steadily, and so are the number of affiliate marketing websites. Data is the only thing that can help you stand out in the crowd and make the most of the eCommerce boom.

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