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In this digital age, Big Data helps you find the best of everything right from finding the best online retail shops to best healthcare facility. An imaginative and appealing question could be: “Can Big Data help you find the right Life partner”? Well, it surely can. That’s how several matrimonial websites are using match-making algorithms to help clients find the perfect life partner. In fact, many individuals are scraping data from different matrimonial sites to find a compatible life partner.


Some matrimonial portals are leveraging science and algorithms to help you take romantic and social decisions. Interestingly, more and more people are enrolling on these matrimonial websites to find out what is in store for them. In a data-driven world, most people would want to know the likes and preferences of their prospective spouses. In such a scenario, these online dating sites provide the right platform to communicate to find compatibility. Web data scraping of matrimonial sites helps in finding the right partner for you by analyzing different aspects of a person’s personality. Big Data analysis has never been so intriguing with people of different age-groups signing up their profiles for finding true love.

According to online data statistics, “40 million singles in US are enrolled with one or the other popular dating sites like OkCupid, Tinder, eHarmony,, Hinge and many more. These users spend an average of 22 minutes on visiting these sites. About 66 percent of people have met an intriguing person to go on a date with.”

The market research conducted by IBIS world in 2014 points out, “Online dating industry in US is worth 2 billion dollars industry with the growth rate of 3.5 percent since 2008 and the Canadian dating industry iMatrimony Datas worth $153 million.” In the era of smart phones and plethora of mobile apps for dating, the online dating industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Online Dating service providers are making an extra effort to offer reliable services that helps you find the perfect partner.

Online dating information is in the form of questionnaires helping users to connect with people sharing common sets of likes and interests. Dating sites use a comprehensive questionnaire to know a detailed account of a person’s habits, nature and preferences. The online dating companies ask a number of questions on different topics to enhance their knowledge of the person and the resulting success rate in finding the right matches for them.

To ensure success in match-making, dating sites need to match partners having similar preferences and liking. Comprehensive questionnaire helps in knowing a great deal about any person. However, there are certain weaknesses associated with online data analysis, which makes big data analytics extremely challenging. In many cases, users might not answer accurately about their age, income, build and others as well. For instance, females usually tend to hide their age, weight and build while males usually lie about their income, age and certain other parameters, intentionally.

These are some of the disadvantages of online dating leading to unsuccessful repercussions and incompatible matches. These dating websites leverage big data analytics by keeping a track of user behavior based on the types of profiles a person visits. Some other websites use collaborative filtering to recommend dates. This is based on people having similar preferences and tastes being grouped together to provide perfect match.

weddingcakeDue to the unpredictability of human behaviour, big data analytics is the key to finding perfect match for you because it will never befool you. Online dating sites carry out web data extraction from social networking sites, online shopping portals to analyze online behaviour of users. These websites then apply big data analytics to the collected information offering the unique aspects that help customers in finding the perfect match. Leveraging cutting edge technologies like data crawling techniques and big data analytics, online dating sites are able to provide accurate matches. Filtering millions of user profiles using predictive analytics and online dating algorithms, these sites claim to help you find your true love. Online dating giants such as eHarmony or, gather and analyze data from facebook profiles and online shopping history as this data is more reliable than data provided by users in the form of questionnaires.

Big Data is certainly playing the role of match maker in online dating. It has revolutionized match making process and significantly reduced execution time for match making. Several online dating sites are leveraging big data analytics to acts as cupid in finding the perfect match. With advancement and refinement in technology, that day is not far when online dating sites will be able to predict who could become a perfect life partner for us.

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