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6 Refreshing Data Cocktails

Every business needs a little something extra to outperform their competition. Right intentions combined with the right tools can go a long way in catapulting a business from mediocrity to the echelons of success. However, the hard truth is that success doesn’t come overnight. It’s usually an arduous path as you gather the right tools and the right people and build a high functioning corporate engine to strive toward your goals. Data just comes along with the territory as every decision is incomplete without the right information.

The effort that goes behind building your team and the knowledge that every person brings in, combined with the bundles of information spread across the web, transforms into a potent cocktail that holds the power to send you on a joy ride to success.

PromptCloud has 6 such data cocktails to get your success party started. Cheers!

1. Catalogue Builder

How often have you faced a lack of quality data when you set out to build a new project or application for yourselves? Would it not be easier if you could pick and choose the data you want and just go ahead with building your project without worrying about the schematics?

This is where a good web scraping service can come to your rescue. So, pick the right data provider and stream the data sets ranging from product catalogues to job boards or real estate listing. Turn these smaller sets into a massive catalogue which would help you select the right information for your application. And analyse the rest for a deeper understanding of what knowledge this cocktail might hold.

2. Competitive Monitor

Who said being Sherlock Holmes is bad?  You need the insatiable inquisitiveness to always be on the lookout for what your competition is doing to stay ahead of the curve. This second data cocktail provides you just that.

Set a web crawler running to monitor even the slightest fluctuations in data on your competitors’ website and alter your product offering accordingly. In short, know what works for your competitors and leverage that information for your business effectively.

3. Opinion Tracker

Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword would be retracting his words if he would see the power of social media and the force behind the keyboard. In the ever-connected world of today, public opinion can make or break your brand. So, why take a chance with your brand image?

Get an opinion tracker running via Twitter crawls to monitor what people have to say about your brand and product offering. Listen to your audience, be responsive and play the masterstroke of building your brand affirmatively.

4. Real Time Check

Why wait until tomorrow when you can get your data today? In some instances, a near real-time data acquisition is essential. Take for example any online Travel site. When a person hits the “Buy” button, they need to check the availability of the travel ticket in real-time before generating an e-ticket. PromptCloud offers Live Crawlers to help track such time-sensitive data in near real-time data.

Turn your aggregator sites into a successful business with this near real-time crawl cocktail and get the data only when you request for it; no more and no less!

5. The Researcher

Just as Rome was not built in a day, your idea too requires meticulous planning and research before it is market-ready. However, collecting all the research specific data in one place is a time-consuming task. It would be so much easier if all the research was available in your database ready to be analyzed. You could set your strategic ideas into motion in no time at all.

The Mass Crawls offering at PromptCloud does just that. Any market research sites, statistics or keyword related blogs that could help you make a decision are scraped and provided under one API to give you the powerful feeling that comes with such a know-it-all data cocktail. Start trying it out now!

6. Freshness Checker

In the digital age today, no business is complete without an online presence. In fact, a website helps build the first impression of the company, giving an insight into the what’s and the whys of the business. Now imagine this window that acts as an interface between your company and the consumer is broken. You would hire a repair guy and get it fixed. But what next? Would you rather wait for it to break again or hire a company that could monitor it for you?

The Freshness checker cocktail helps you with that. Hire a web crawler service provider and ask them to run a crawl on–wait for it–your website. How does it help? A web crawler goes through your website after moderate intervals, traversing through all the links and nodes. If any link is broken, it would revert back with a broken link error. All you have to do then is fix the link that is broken and you are good to go.

We hope you enjoyed reading about such data cocktails that could set the party rolling for your business’ success. Wish to know more about PromptCloud and our web scraping services? Visit our web scraping solutions page to know more.

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