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5 reasons

This April, “Winter is coming” and it is going to be super exciting for all the die-hard fans of the popular TV series, Game of Thrones. Last season we got a preview of the icy blue White Walker during the rescue operation to bring back the wildings, the fierce Drogon’s return, and the escape of the Khalees.  How can we forget the major kick in the guts that left us gasping at the betrayal of Ollie and other men of the night’s watch, while they heartlessly stabbed their leader Jon Snow in the name of righteousness.

A lot of conspiracy theories were discussed like how Jon Snow wouldn’t die and if his critical part in the storyline has been foregone by the producers of the show. The showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss along with Kit Harrington publicly made an appearance to announce that the character of Jon Snow is officially dead, which led to a huge hue and cry among the fans. They went all guns blazing, showing their hurt and loss at such a sequence of events, and cried their hearts out on Twitter.


The launch of the teaser posters for Season 6, however, created a ripple of joy and “Oh! I knew it” feelings among the fans, as the first poster of the epic series portrayed Jon Snow in the spotlight. This leads us to wonder if the public announcements of Jon Snow’s death was a ploy to confuse the customers, or was it a mistake that was rectified after gauging public response?

In light of such events, we couldn’t help but wonder, while the fans were busy crying their hearts out on Twitter, were the creators of the Game of Thrones series listening? Was the decision of reviving a dying character really based on public sentiment?

What the Twitter Crawling Revealed?

We ran a couple of tests and let out some feelers via Twitter Crawls for the following keywords: “Jon Snow”, “Kit Harrington”, “Long live Jon Snow”, “Game of Thrones Finale”, and more to discover what people had written about Jon Snow’s death on the show.

Below are a few tweets that were seen as a part of the public outrage after the last episode of season 5 was aired.

Tweet GOT Fans

Game Of Thrones Fan Tweet

Game Of Thrones




The above tweets give a small picture of what the showrunners might have seen as a part of the social protests that stormed Twitter, pouring out their love for the character or how the series might not hold as much interest if this character was excluded from the main cast. With over 35K tweets in the aftermath of the finale, a lot of raw emotions linked to this protagonist were visible which could have played a crucial role in reviving Jon Snow from the dead.

Here are 5 reasons that might have led to Jon Snow’s reincarnation

1. The Outrage:

Nobody wants an unhappy audience. Period! After the unexpected stabbing of our beloved Lord Snow, the fans went from unhappy to disbelief to boycott within hours. We saw tweets coming up like “What was the point”. “This is the end of GoT for me”, and many more which lead to a vastly skewed score upon running the sentiment analysis test, with almost 72% of tweets scoring high on the negative factor. We are pretty sure that must have got the creators in the production house thinking too, leading them to rethink their decision.

2. The Theories:

GoT fans have been creating links where there may be none or theories that may be true, since a long time now, and most of them revolve around Jon Snow and his lineage. Is he the prince that was promised, or is Lyanne Stark his mother? After the treacherous episode, we saw an immediate rise in the number of theories that had been circulating around and a lot more popped up. Thanks to the recent events in the series, claiming that Jon Snow might arise from the dead or he might become the undead, all gave rise to more fan theories. We know the TV series has digressed from the books now. So, who knows a possible fan story might have struck a chord with the producers and they chose to act on it?

3. The Attack of the Book Lovers:

Well, GoT has fans and then there are those who follow it as a religion – these are the ones who have read the books from cover to cover. These are the people who cry out like us when they see the storyline taking extreme turns opposed to the books. We all know Jon Snow is alive in the books, so why kill him on the show? That definitely did not go down well with the fans. Better revoke a wrong turn than premature disownment, right?

4. George R. R. Martin:

The genius behind the seven kingdoms, the dragons, the kings, and the controversies stepped up to comment on Jon Snow’s proclaimed death on the show and this is what he had to say: “Oh, you think he’s dead, do you? My readers should know better than to take anything as gospel.” And when the creator speaks, we listen.

5. The Test:

We cannot ignore the fact that it might be possible that the producers were just messing with us. It’s a big risk, I agree, but what if it was a test? What if they wanted to check the direction in which the wind was blowing and choose the prince that was promised, on-screen, based on popular public opinion? Well if that was the case, then the Twitter fans left no stone unturned in making it clear who we want to see leading the upcoming war. That is definitely a controversy worth stirring up.

As April comes closer, we now have it in our hearts that we are going to see our beloved Lord Snow once more. Was it due to public reaction on Twitter or the sentiment chart that went surging high post the unspeakable act, we just want Kit Harrington back. We are not ready to part with the hero that might be the saviour of the seven kingdoms in the time to come, well not just yet!

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