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Scraping Restaurant Location Information

A popular bakery shop in Hawaii gathers information about restaurants in the largest metropolitan areas in the United States via site-specific scraping.

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A popular bakery shop in Hawaii
Site-specific crawl and extraction

The client wanted information about restaurants in the largest metropolitan areas in the United States catering to a particular price range. In addition to the demographic and cuisine details, the data also had to include the entire menu structured as per the menu sections (irrespective of the variances across restaurants.
The Solution:
PromptCloud discovered the sources that contained good volumes of restaurant information. These sources and the data schema were agreed upon. PromptCloud set up its crawlers to discover and crawl pages carrying relevant information at multi-level depths. The menu and other restaurant details were extracted and structured as per the patterns conveyed to the extractors. All this data was provided in a merged CSV file to be directly imported into the client’s database.

Benefits to the client:

  • End-to-end solution for a non-tech client
  • All complexities within the source sites taken care of
  • No task force involved from client’s end
  • Data imported within a day of placing the order

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