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real time crawling

Near-real time crawling based on keywords/

If you are looking to collect data that match your categories or keywords of interest, and you wish to be alerted the moment it got published somewhere in your list of interesting sources, then low-latency crawls can be your data partner.

This process involves creating an internal index of all the relevant data after crawling them, and then searches through the index for pre-defined list of keywords. Query results are presented in a structured format. Files contain document-level details of the article or blog or news that was crawled.

What’s more?

  • source discovery
  • fully automated extraction process
  • dynamic list of keywords and sources
  • as many query terms as you desire

Take a look at our major Use Cases

Geo-Specific Data
Geo-Specific Data

Continuous feed from social media from > 5000 sources every few minutes

Finance data in near real time
Finance data in near real time

News, blog, and article feeds are delivered continuously for signaling investment options

Data for media houses
Data for media houses

Newsfeeds aggregated from various sources based on keywords for online media

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