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Businesses are looking for efficient ways to extract data available on the web for various use cases like competitive intelligence, brand monitoring and content aggregation to name a few.

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The amount of insightful data that can be gathered from the web is huge, which makes it practically impossible to collect it using traditional methods. The whole point of gathering data from the web is to export it to a popular document format like CSV so that the data can be read by humans and machines alike. This makes it easier to handle the data or analyze it using a data analytics system. If you are looking to export website data to CSV or other similar formats, it is better to get help from a web crawling service.

Swift Website to CSV Extraction

At PromptCloud, we can help you quickly export website to CSV within a short period of time. Our core focus is on data quality and speed of implementation. PromptCloud can fulfill your custom and large scale requirements even on complex sites without any coding in the shortest time possible. We have ready to use automated website to CSV extraction recipes as a result of our vast experience in building large scale web scrapers for multiple clients across different verticals. We also have an awesome customer support team to understand every customer’s needs and help them go live in record time.

Expor websites to CSV

There is no simple solution to export a website to a CSV file. The only way to achieve this is by using a web scraping setup and some automation. A web crawling setup will have to be programmed to visit the source websites, fetch the required data from the sites and save it to a dump file. This dump file will have the extracted data without proper formatting and is usually accompanied by noise. Hence, this data cannot be directly exported into a document file. It will need a lot more processing before it can be converted into a user-friendly document format. Removing the noise from the data and structuring it are the processes that follow data extraction. This makes the extracted data ready to be used.

How PromptCloud can help

Our customised web scraping solutions are suitable for large scale data extraction from the web. Since it is scalable and highly customisable, the complexity of the requirement is not a problem. Once we are provided with the Source URLs and data points to be extracted, the data extraction process is completely owned and taken care of by us which saves you the technical headaches involved.


We deliver data in multiple formats depending on the client requirements. The data can be delivered in CSV, XML or JSON and is usually made available via our API. The scraped data can also be directly uploaded to clients’ servers if the requirement demands it. The data provided by us is ready to use and doesn’t need any further processing. This makes it easier for our clients to consume the data and start reaping the benefits from it.

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