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CrawlBoard - The all in one platform to manage projects, payments and support tickets.

CrawlBoard is the new version of our requirement gathering dashboard. It comes with many added features which makes your work easier, quicker & provides a superior user experience.

  • Start a project or add new sites with just one click. Reporting issues made easier with all new ticketing system
  • Get site specific graphs, visualizations, next set of crawl & other important details
  • Quick invoicing & payment, as both are now integrated with CrawlBoard
  • Improved UI makes it very easy to use and allows users to access its full potential

This is not the end, you can read more about all the features CrawlBoard has to offer in the datasheet.

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What our clients say

CrawlBoard has made our life much easier now. Integrating everything at one place has really made it the one stop solution for all the data needs, especially the new set of details & information provided for each site & set of crawls. PromptCloud has taken customer satisfaction to another level by understanding the needs and providing a packaged solution for them.

– VP of Product, at eCommerce marketplace
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I sign up?

You will be asked to submit your requirements like organization name, sites you are looking to crawl, fields to be extracted, frequency for the crawl, and other details related to how you’d like the data delivered. Once you submit the requirements, our data team runs quick feasibility checks and a report is generated for your review which includes pricing details for your specific requirements. Once you have reviewed the report and are ready to begin, you’d make a payment for the initial setup and the sites are picked up by our crawlers.

What if I want to further describe/discuss my requirements?

If you wish to add more details about the requirements, you can do so by mentioning them in additional details section(the third step) of the requirement submission window. You can also discuss additional details after submitting the requirement by visiting “Feasibility Reports” section from your dashboard and clicking on the Requirement Discussion tab inside your report.

Can I edit my requirements after feasibility report is generated?

If you wish to make any changes in requirements already submitted, you’ll have to let us know of the same via requirement discussions feature on the same page. Once we have finalized the requirements, we’ll be able to edit the requirements on your behalf and regenerate the report.

Will I be charged during the time of sign up?

No. Upon reviewing the feasibility report and accepting the terms and conditions, you will be redirected to the initial invoice for the site setup fee. Your monthly site maintenance fees and volume charges will be charged from the day the first set of data is delivered.

What is a Sitegroup?

A sitegroup is a group of target sites that share common attributes, specifically – fields being extracted, frequency of crawling and data delivery mechanism.

How can I add a new site to be crawled?

You can easily add new sites or sitegroups by clicking on +Add button on the top menu. You can do the same by visiting “Sites” section of your dashboard and clicking on +Add Sites/Sitegroup.

How can I make payments?

You can make payments securely via any credit card (as well as view current/past invoices) by visiting

How do I add a new credit card / remove a card?

You can add a new card or edit details of existing saved card by visiting the “Billing” section of your dashboard and clicking on Manage Cards. For removing cards – please send an email request to or

Would all users added to CrawlBoard have the same privileges/permissions?

No. They will only have those privileges/permissions which are selected while adding the user. You can select multiple roles for each user to allow different level of permissions. Available user roles are – Admin, Developer, Accountant and Basic/Read-only user.

Will I get email notifications for issues?

Yes, you will receive an email notification for every update made in the issue. If the user role is Accountant, he/she will not receive updates on issues, but will get updates on invoices.

Can I delete my account after I have signed up?

No, you cannot delete your account once signed up. If you really want to delete, please send an email request to from the registered email address with reasons.

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