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Crawl and Scrape RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a great source for extracting content from blogs, forums, social media and news sites. The convenience it has to offer is the availability of all the essential data points from a site at one place, with no unwanted elements. Scraping RSS feeds can be useful for aggregating huge amount of data from content based websites which is essential for media companies and news aggregators.

If you want to crawl RSS feeds of sites that are into a particular niche, say fashion, the best route forward is to crawl popular blog directories. Blog directories would have an ever-expanding list of blogs from every category which makes it easier to crawl RSS feeds, site name and the URL using a custom crawler.

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Data points

RSS feeds have data points like Title, Date, Author, Image and Body. This makes it a complete feed of essential data, free from banners, ads and other distractions. While aggregating content, the RSS feed data can be a great resource. The advantage of deploying a dedicated solution is that you can further customize the data points according to your unique requirements.

Crawler setup

Setting up the crawler is a niche process that demands technically skilled labor. It involves identifying the schema and writing a crawler program that can crawl and extract the required data points from the seed URLs. Crawling, as a process requires high end resources in addition to skilled labor. Relying on a DaaS provider like PromptCloud to crawl RSS feeds can reduce your total cost of ownership (maintenance and labor) and help you focus on the application of data.

Start scraping RSS feeds now

If you are looking to crawl RSS feeds, we can help you get the data in CSV, XML or JSON formats delivered via our PromptCloud API, Dropbox, Amazon S3 or your FTP server.

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