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Since we started in 2009, there have been more than obvious and lesser than evident ways of using a DaaS like ours. So we thought we’ll share what’s kept us busy (and growing), in batches to avoid overwhelms. There’s no limit to ways in which such a solution could help those who deal/ would like to deal with lots of data, but these are what we discovered. In addition to displaying the opportunities we’ve had, this list is an attempt to inspire folks to come up with other use cases that seem too relevant to jump onto.

a) This is a list of simplified requirement statements from ongoing/past projects (not verbatim and in no specific order for the brains to take it easy).
b) You can easily assume that data delivered was in a structured format else is unusable and difficult to process at the customer’s end.
  1. Collect data from Twitter every 5 minutes from specific geographies and categories based on a set of keywords. Our USP is social listening and this Big Data For Enterprises is a crucial part of our business.
  2. We talk social travel and so are building an intelligent social engine for finding and booking hotels. In order to get this running, we’d like you to provide reviews, the reviewer profiles, hotel and restaurant addresses from these popular travel sites and forums. Data could be in the range of tens of millions.
  3. We’re in the brand monitoring zone. So we’d like you to first collect all reviews belonging to say Nike, and then

    index it for us so that we could see what people are saying. If you could give us query formats using which say, I could see how many people said “bad” and how many said “good” and the like, that would be ideal.

  4. Give me all the stories about my interest list of celebrities based on a list of keywords that I provide (like, eat, drink, travel….) from about 400 sources and Twitter. I’m launching a celebrity gossip website in multiple countries.
  5. Get me all products with all its fields (name, descriptions, price, specs) present on these supermarket stores that are all AJAX. And sorry! They are in Hebrew.
  6. I’m so obsessed with near-real time data (sorry I belong to media) that I need news of any deals, acquisitions, mergers, or any other news based on the phrases I provide to you and expect the feed within minutes of the same being published somewhere.
  7. We are in the used car inventory space. There are few platforms that automobile sites use for a set of cars. Please get me data from such places on a daily basis at these particular times in the day. I need both English and French data and I’m interested in both XML and CSV formats.
  8. I need data from all the tech support discussion forums from all of these sites in this particular format. I expect about 2 million records from here.
  9. We are looking for laptop reviews that have these operating systems. This is our initial list of sources and would be great if you could come up with others for us. We desire weekly updates of these reviews.
  10. You get me all high-resolution images from these 200 web stores so that whenever a user bookmarks a product on my website, my algorithm can show them those related products to compare prices and eventually make a buying decision.
  11. We offer great discounts on tickets for events and games. Please crawl these ticketing sites for us so we have an inventory of all events with their seating-level prices which we can use to offer discounts and run our analyses.
  12. We acquire new and updated ‘Pending Legislation’ (as it is being debated in Govt. prior to becoming a Bill/Law) documents and extract associated metadata from legislature websites. The document metadata may be available on the web page where we download it from, or within the document – which may be in HTML or binary formats – e.g. Word, PDF. We need to extract all of this Big Data For Enterprises.
  13. We’re in the video-gaming industry where we perform research on video games and provide consulting. We need to extract data daily from all popular gaming sites and gather news, articles and their popularity.
  14. Get me product feeds from the Indian E-commerce market with all product-level details and specifications. I need this to build an analytics engine.
  15. We’d be interested in these job portal sites and would like to receive updates on a daily basis on the jobs posted in our country. We’re developing solutions for the classifieds markets.
  16. We are a social strategy and analytics firm and need a lot of Big Data For Enterprises to do some social data mining. We have about 200 sites which are a mix of blogs, news, forums, articles, travel sites, and others, many of which are non-English. Please extract data you find relevant to the domain. We need updates on a daily basis.
  17. Our clients (who are large-scale manufacturing companies) would like to see how their high-value products are doing in the market. So we’ll need reviews of this list of products including review date, author, content, review helpful, recommendations and other such details from this set of sites.
  18. I’m developing a comparison shopping engine that I can feed in big Data For Enterprises from other sources and have my users compare and shop and see some price trends. Please facilitate this data.
  19. I am in the healthcare industry looking to create an inventory of all healthcare-related products from these stores. I need to go to the last level of detail and capture everything possible.
  20. We’re interested in creating a database of all companies in India that are less than x years old, greater than y in revenue, belong to these industries and provide these specific services.
    Watch out for the next batch..



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