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Booming restaurant business is a competitive battleground where you need to be on your toes all the time to satisfy guest expectations and outperform your competitors. As good, ready-to-serve food stays in never-ending demand, more and more restaurants open everywhere, but not all of them get the desired response from visitors. As a result, many restaurants suffer financial losses, bankruptcy and are even forced to shut down their business.

Restaurants not only have to prepare the best food cuisines, they also need to serve that food efficiently to the guests. At the same time, they must communicate with the customers about their menu and how they serve the food. In other words, creating a responsive website and online marketing is essential to their success.


Web scraping technology can be applied in almost any sphere and is not limited to any specific field. Hence, if you need restaurant data scraping to build a professional website, the web scraping tool would be ideal to crawl detailed information, facts and figures for your website. The information obtained would comprise all the categories and sub-categories of the restaurants across the world, which would help you gain better insights and perspectives in building an effective website.

Restaurant Data Scraping

From restaurant data scraping, you can easily obtain information such as booming restaurant or bar name, address, phone number, fax number, menu, cuisine, amenities, customer reviews, price, etc. With the help of web scraping tool, you can obtain pertinent end reports for your restaurant in MYSQL, Excel, MS-Access, CSV, HTML and other formats according to your requirement. This actually makes things easier as the market analysts would be in a better position to analyze the information and use that information in the right direction.

Features of Restaurant Data Scraping

  • The restaurant screen scraper tool will search the entire targeted website in order to crawl restaurant information by entering parameters such as country, name, price, etc and provide the complete list of restaurant data.
  • This restaurant data extraction tool will collect important data fields such as user rating, customer reviews, payment accepted type, working hours, images, etc.
  • The screen scraper will avoid IP blocks and crawl data a It will remove duplicate listings automatically.
  • It can be used for menu price comparison, table booking business, vendors, etc for restaurant.
  • The tool sets custom delay between website requests and needs minimal user inputs.
  • The restaurant data collected through the tool is accurate and compatible to be used by market analysts on various platforms.
  • The website scraper tools present the entire booming restaurant information in only one screen format, thus minimizing errors in data collection.

Data Scraping for Blogging/The Blogger’s Problem

Spread the word about your restaurant’s food, drinks, service, and price through blogging after scraping and collecting information from websites. Blogging can boost your restaurant business in a number of ways as you can:

  • Share the wonderful images, stories, and videos about your restaurant.
  • Increase your restaurant’s visibility on various search engines by developing and publishing engaging content.
  • Enhance your restaurant’s online presence through social media sites by creating blog posts that can be shared.
  • Train your restaurant staff in writing expert tips, advice, guides and articles pertaining to food, wine and dining meant for customers.

Data Extraction for SEO

Listing the restaurant on social networks and local directories is a part of search engine optimization process. Perform SEO for your booming restaurant and its internal web pages involving specific keywords in such a way that they rank higher in various search engines. Conducting SEO audit on the restaurant’s website and improving the descriptions, tags and titles of your web pages to match the content with target audience can go a long way in ranking your website higher on search engines. It is better to make the architectural structure of your website user-friendly, so that it can be easily accessed across desktops, mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Improving the citations and internal linking to external links and creating a sitemap to be submitted on Google, Bing and Yahoo would also help you in acquiring a higher rank on search engines, thus enhancing your online presence. The data extraction tool would help you in extracting appropriate restaurant data in an efficient and faster way according to your requirement.

Engage with Communities

bar-lounge-restaurant-business-planYou can easily join online communities of cooking enthusiasts, gourmets, and connoisseurs who love their food, drinks and dine out frequently. These communities can be found on Facebook, Twitter and other online social platforms. You can promote your restaurant by becoming an interactive community member and following the rules and regulations of the community. You can share related and valuable content and try to have meaningful interactions with the members by replying to their queries and helping with their problems. Building true relationships and friendships with community members would assist you in spreading word-of-mouth publicity about your restaurant. With the help of restaurant data scraping, you will be able to obtain meaningful data through which you can streamline your marketing efforts.

Use Big Data

With the help of Google Analytics, restaurateurs can generate data about their website’s visitors. They can use Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights to track metrics about their social media campaigns.

With Google Analytics, they can analyze data about their website’s visitor demographics, interactions and behaviors. This will enable them to determine where their visitors are actually coming from, what keywords they searched, what pages they engaged the most, and how did they come to know of your website.

Facebook Insights would enable restaurant owners to know more about their fans and visitors and identify the offers, ads, videos and images that would be appealing for them.

In this digital age, booming restaurant, cafes and bars must also embrace the power of big data and data extraction to build their brand, win competition, earn loyal customers, and make businesses more sustainable and profitable. However, before embarking on digital strategies and tactics, your restaurant’s success will largely depend on your products and services. In the end, you have to make your customers happy and satisfied.

It is important to incorporate long-lasting and holistic online marketing strategies and try to give the customers the best experience before and after they visit your restaurant.


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