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Web Scraping vs Web Crawling


What Are Web Analytics:

Analytics is the main measurement and analysis of all the data to inform an understanding of behavior across web pages. Many platforms measure activity across all the pages. Analytics always measure activity and behavior on a website. The importance of Web Analytics is the measurement or the collection, analysis, and reporting of web data for the single purpose of understanding and optimizing a web page. However, it is not just a process but is also a marketing tool for businesses.

Web Analytics

Basic Steps of Web Analytics Process:

Most of the time importance of web analytics helps in many functions for many organizations. Analytics is heavily dependent on numbers. The data extracted by different web crawlers extract the data in different forms of numbers.

Data extracted by different crawlers from many extraction points on different websites across the world wide web. This data is used machines to build their level of understanding and machine learning skills.

Businesses use importance of web analytics daily and they have a performance review check every week to see where the extracted data stands and accordingly take business decisions based on the numbers. This is also done to benchmark site performances and keep a check on key performance indicators of that website.


Importance of web analytics

Website Analytics provides different insights and data into the world where used for creating a better experience for all the visitors that visit the website regularly.

Customer Behavior is key for any type of optimizing. While optimizing a website, the key factor most companies look at is the customer trend and customer behavior. If there is no accurate data on the same. Then the companies tend to withdraw they are optimizing and let the website run as it is. But optimizing is necessary for company websites now and then so that they can be up to date with their competition.

An in-depth explanation of customer behavior and trends can be found on Optimizely. Companies often run a trend analysis on their customers to check the current trend in the market and always stay ahead of their competition.

Importance of web Analytics will show the customers the most popular pages on a website and their path of purchase. With Web Analytics the tracking and the effectiveness of the online marketing campaigns inform the efforts of the future.


Web Analytics Working Methods:

Tagging is a common feature in Importance of Web Analytics tools and they inserted like a snippet in the JavaScript of the web pages.

The analytics tool recognizes this tag and starts counting each time the page gets a visitor or even if somebody clicks the link. The tag is so powerful that it also gathers information like devices, browsers and geographic locations of the customers.

Importance of web Analytics also uses cookies to track all the individual sessions that determine repeat visits from the same browser. Since all users delete their cookies from the browser history, each browser has different restrictions around the snippets of the code.

No Web Analytic platform can claim full accuracy of their data and different tools which produce slightly different results than that of the other.

Conversion Chart

Sample Web Analytics Data:

Web Analytics Data is typically presented in dashboards customized according to the user personas, date range, and various attributes.

Data is always broken down into multiple categories, Such as:

Audience Data

  • The Number of visits
  • The Number of Unique Visitors
  • Returning Visitor Ratios
  • Different types of browsers they are on (Desktops vs Mobiles)

Audience Data

Audience Behaviour

  • Common landing Pages
  • Common exit Pages
  • Pages visited frequently
  • The average time spent per visit on the website
  • Number of pages visited
  • Bounce Rate of the website

Audience Behaviour

Campaign Data:

  • What are all the campaigns that drive the most amount of traffic
  • What websites referred to as the most amount of traffic?
  • Keywords that search resulted in a visit
  • Breakdown of the campaigns like email vs social media

Campaign data

Examples of Web Analytics:

The most loved and most used Analytics tool by marketing teams across different organizations and they all have one thing in common which is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics:

It is the standard and largely used web analytics tool across the globe. Google Analytics used by various organizations across the globe.


Adobe Analytics:

This is a tool that can be customized highly and has been a leader since 2009.


Mix panel:

Advanced mobile and analytics that measure the actions of the page views of visitors.


Conclusion – Importance of web analytics

Web Analytics has been influential in the rise of data analysis and digital marketing. Data extracted and crawled all depends on the analysis done on websites using available various marketing tools. We at PromptCloud provide customized, fully managed enterprise-grade web scraping services. We also provide clean and comprehensive data in suitable formats according to the customers.

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