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App Data Analysis, On-demand TV is gaining massive popularity among professionals since the last few years due to the flexibility of content consumption it offers. While the traditional TV is witnessing a decline in the audience and advertising revenue generation, on-demand content platforms have been able to successfully fill in the gap and position themselves as a better alternative. is one such platform that provides video-on-demand via online media in India. We recently gathered some data from Voot to understand the Indian television media space. Read on to learn more.

The dataset

The App Data Analysis set contained about 75,000 TV shows and information pertaining to them such as duration of the show, genre, language , count and more.

Voot data visualization

Regional languages with most number of shows

We can see that Hindi and Kannada are the regional languages with the most number of shows across all the genres. Tamil TV shows were very few in number compared to the other languages.Pie diagram of regional languages with most number of shows based on Video-on-demand App Data Analysis

Popular genres

The most popular genres are ‘Drama’, ‘Romance’, ‘Kids’ and ‘Reality show’ across all the languages. It’s also interesting to see that the number of shows with ‘Drama’ as their genre is significantly higher than its closest competitor, ‘Romance’. This shows how Indians are united by their love for drama TV shows irrespective of their state or first language. Reality shows being in the top 5, confirms that this genre is indeed gaining massive popularity in the recent times. ‘Animation’ was the genre with the least number of shows.

Data Analysis on most popular tv genre in India

Popular languages for the ‘Drama’ genre

Kannada takes the first place when it comes to the “Drama’ genre. However, Hindi and Kannada remains in the top positions, which is in line with the trend across the genres. 


Duration of the shows

The average duration of the TV shows is 22 minutes. The same goes for the drama genre (21 minutes) as well; however, in comparison to the US, Indian drama shows are 20 minutes shorter.


The Indian TV audience is fond of drama and that’s evident from the significantly high number of TV shows belonging to this genre. ‘Romance’ and ‘kids’ are the second most popular genres. Reality shows are found across all the languages, indicating their huge popularity and success among the audience. Among languages, Hindi and Kannada are the popular ones with the highest number of shows.

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