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With the prolific growth and popularity of Big Data, enterprises across the world are gearing up for the big change. Irrespective of their size, nature, and operations, business ventures across the globe are leveraging the power of crucial data. Your company performs and executes daily operations with the help of data analytics. The presence of structured and unstructured data inundates organizational activities regularly.

top big data communities

Data analytics helps you tap into these sources thus gaining smart and targeted insights into existing processes. That’s not all; data analytics empowers entrepreneurs and project developers. You get the opportunity to assess and evaluate existing processes along with the flexibility to make smart moves!

Data analytics as the savior

A lot has been said and done about data. Experts are hailing it as one of the revolutionary technologies and greatest innovations of the present times. Whether it’s a small-scale venture or a colossal enterprise, data analytics happens to be the need of the hour. Especially, when it comes down to creating personalized experiences for potential consumers, there’s nothing like data analytics. Effective analysis of data from significant sources can help you develop comprehensive ideas of your consumers. It gives you authority over the market and the opportunity to create stunning experiences for potential audience!

Data analytics experts and scientists are highly in demand today. If we go by the present market trends, a majority of organizations are embracing Big Data like never before. From making administrative moves to accelerating production, data analytics is finding application in diverse processes. What is it that makes Big Data so special? Here’s a quick look at the potential factors:

  • Accessibility: You might have huge volumes and large sets of data stored in your intelligence inventory. That’s not the only thing you need to do as an enterprise owner. Accessing these data sets is also important, and that’s where you need effective analytics the most.
  • Holistic and segmented: Project developers or managers won’t have to search for these data sets anywhere and everywhere. They are segmented into social, web, mobile, and email analytics which makes it easier to find them!

There’s no denying the significance of data analytics for business organizations today. If you want to stay ahead of the growth curve and catapult your venture to the top, none other than the leading data scientists can emerge as the best support. It’s here that we come to the crucial point.

Where can you find the dependable, reputed, and ingenious data scientists?

Since data analytics requires in-depth knowledge and technical expertise, it becomes imperative to get in touch with leading data analysts. Even new data professionals and those working with data for the first time need the right support at the right time. On that note, let’s begin our search for the most popular data analytics resources and communities.

The emergence of communities

Big data and data analytics are relatively new terms. Business ventures and corporations across the globe are warming up to the concept and embracing it. Quite naturally, the demand for highly talented data scientists has reached the greatest heights. Imbalances between demand and supply can lead to severe consequences in this context. That’s the reason, quite a few new analysts, data researchers, and data analytics experts are venturing into the professional arena.

Since no one has solutions to all types of data issues, it is crucial to refer to expert views, suggestions and comments at regular intervals. It is right here that the online communities help you to a great extent.

Professional support

You might get stuck while analyzing structured data generated by your company. Or a newly hired data analyst might fail to comprehend market forces or specific consumer behaviors. A strong, resourceful, and reliable community is what they need to fall back on. Irrespective of the issue, time, or place, they can gain access to targeted and professional support.

If you are an entrepreneur, a dedicated project manager, or a new entrant in the world of data analytics, the following communities will be the right place for you!

  1. SAS community

Nothing can get better than gaining access to suggestions and comments made by the pioneers. The SAS community consists of a bunch of ingenious, smart, and creative data scientists, who happen to be the masterminds behind the SAS software. If you are leveraging the software, using it for effective business analytics, or trying to master the art of working with it, the SAS forum will be the place for you!

As an exclusive community of seasoned data scientists and professional analysts, SAS will keep you informed about the latest trends, recent developments, and peer activities.

  1. Kaggle

Kaggle is a vibrant community of data scientists and data analytics professionals. They provide cutting-edge data science, faster and better than most people ever thought possible. Considering their proven track-record of solving real-world problems across a diverse array of industries including pharmaceuticals, financial services, energy, information technology, and retail, no wonder Google acquired them in March, 2017. Kaggle offers both public and private data science competitions and on-demand consulting by an adept global talent pool..


This is a relatively new community and has been positioned as the social networking site for data people. Members can find fantastic datasets and understand them at a glance. Community feature allows members to follow people, topics, and projects. It also lets people add data from any source with an option to make it open or private. Additional operational features include docs, scripts, charts, and more. The in-built query systems lets you query within and across datasets. The collaboration aspect of the community helps you find contributors and build your network via discussions.

  1. Analytics Vidhya

In-depth, comprehensive, and profound knowledge is the basis of all activities. When it comes to data analytics, your knowledge about the topic matters a lot. As a comprehensive community dealing with critical data issues, recent topics, and a myriad of analytics operations, Analytics Vidhya is the go-to destination for upcoming data analysts. The topics discussed in this forum are highly relevant, latest, and unique. No matter what question you ask, there’ll be someone to answer it.

Most importantly, ‘Analytics Vidhya’ has a comprehensive and all-round approach towards solving data issues. Discussions about data analytics, data visualization resources, data utilization, big data, and data science are initiated by a group of data enthusiasts. The participatory nature of the forum, support for beginners, and wide exposure are some of the factors for its popularity.

  1. Nabble

If you are aware of web application hosting and the various resources associated with it, the name ‘Nabble’ might be familiar to you. The ‘R’ forum is an integral part of this service where budding data scientists can find answers to various queries.

From simple and amateur questions to queries associated with critical problems, Nabble will entertain and answer all of them. Quite naturally, it’s a great place for beginners who are just starting off in this sector.

  1. Data Science Central

Data Science Central successfully amalgamates, coordinates, and collaborates technicality and in-depth thinking. Users and members will get a unique experience of participating in crucial discussions. From data collection and integration to analytics and visualization, you will gain deep insights into every crucial process.

The community includes an innovative platform, forum-based tech resources, social interaction, market trends, and a variety of job opportunities. Since the co-founder of the community, Vincent Granville happens to be one of the stalwarts of this sector, getting in touch with this particular community will be helpful for you. Whether you are operating within the country or outside the borders, you will always stay connected to this particular platform.

  1. Reddit

Reddit refers to a mother-community which has branched itself into many sub-reddits. These small forums are knowledge storehouses of crucial information on Big Data, Data Visualization, and machine learning. You will come across several questions which come in threads, and the responses will also be in a similar fashion.

No matter what type of problems you have come across, Reddit will make sure all of them get solved within the shortest time. You can find answers to every data-related issue along with crucial insights into newest trends. From experienced to budding analysts, Reddit will extend complete support to one and all.

The availability of other options

When tough and challenging data issues trouble you to a great extent, none other than proficient data experts or ingenious data scientists can help you out. You need to get in touch with the top communities where it’s easy to get professional support right when it’s required. Apart from the communities we talked about, here are a few more options to consider:

  1. Cross Validated
  2. TalkStats
  3. Data Discourse

These communities are the best places for data enthusiasts and budding data scientists, who wish to master the art of working with Big Data. Active participations and proactive collaborations lead to the comprehensive development of these forums. That’s not all; those related to data analytics get the chance to strengthen their knowledge-base and deliver outstanding performances.

Innovation at its best

Entrepreneurs, project developers, and business owners are striving hard to take their organizations to greatest heights. You need to embrace innovation and leverage latest technologies to achieve comprehensive growth. This is exactly where data analytics comes into the picture. The power of data is hard to deny. You can analyze, break down, and study data sets thus unlocking profitable avenues for your business.

The most popular and reliable online communities will act as professional support, whenever you need the right piece of information. With Big Data and Data Analytics turning into the latest tech innovations, it’s imperative to welcome the change and leverage them. Don’t shy away if you are a newcomer. The top online communities are here to help you!  

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