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best big data analytics courses

If you wish to catapult your venture to unmatched success and want it to become a brand, data analytics would be a crucial thing to do. Market biggies, reputed organizations, and stalwarts in the business arena are considering data to be the driving force for their ventures.

If we take a quick look at market stats, things will be quite clear. According to a report presented by one of the reliable research firms, big data expenses and investments will touch the $48.6 billion mark by 2019. With some of the most popular enterprises like Oracle, Dell, HP, and IBM making the first investment moves, the future for big data and analytics seems bright enough!

Identifying the potentialities

Data analytics is here to stay, and there’s no way you can deny that. What seems to be important is to identify the right opportunities and possibilities in this sector. The rising demand for efficient analysts and ever-increasing data pools have created a unique career avenue for many aspirants. If data analysis captivates your mind, maybe it’s the right time to make a major career move.

More than just a high-paying job

If you are apprehensive about the opportunities or remuneration, here’s a quick guide for you. The salary of data analysts across the globe has reached an all-time high! Even if we catch a glimpse of the market figures here in UK, we will surely come across some exciting news.

Big data in UK, as well as its salary aspect, has experienced exponential growth. At the beginning of 2016, the salary figures were around £62,500 which is quite high compared to £55,000 in 2015. That’s not all; data analysts and scientists in UK experience growth of +13.63% in their respective salaries. That helps us make out that data analysis is undoubtedly a high-paid job which has high growth potential.

Choosing the best professional course

If you wish to build a career in data analytics and want to emerge as one of the top data scientists, joining a good professional course will be crucial. Numerous centres and institutes are offering professional data analytics courses in the UK, but you need to choose comprehensive courses for in-depth learning. Here’s a list of the top courses available here in UK. Take a look and then opt for a program!

1. ‘Microsoft Program for Data Science’: Data scientists have to build up their knowledge-base and stay updated about recent trends. The course comprises of various modules including data analysis, data visualization, understanding status, and data manipulation.

2. FutureLearn: Their big data courses receive funding from the Open University, and they mostly offer a compilation of data analysis courses. The courses offered by FutureLearn are free and come with certification. You can enrol in these courses easily and learn analytics within 2 to 12 weeks. Courses offered by FutureLearn will help you gain deep insights into data collection, extraction, and predictive analysis.

3. Cognitive If you wish to develop profound ideas of several concepts such as big data, cloud computing, and machine learning, courses offered by Cognitive will be the best option. The courses offered by them are mostly free of cost and learners won’t have to shell out their pennies. You can specialize in Cloud computing and delve deep into data science fundamentals.

4. Big Data on AWS: This is a certified course which offers crystal clear insights into the AWS systems and their connection with the data ecosystem. Learners will come across quite a few exciting concepts such as the Spark SQL, Amazon EMR, and Apache Hadoop. Although the course is meant for advanced learners, there’s more to the course than what meets the eye. You gain the opportunity to master the art of data extraction and understand the AWS ecosystem.

5. MVA or Microsoft Virtual Academy: Learning data analytics and understanding data science are no longer time consuming affairs. If you wish to cut down the travel time and still learn the best data analytics, MVA will be the perfect option for you. It’s an online course, where you can sit at home and understand data through web-based classes. The entire course is classified into well-defined units that help you comprehend the courses effectively. Here’s a quick look!

  •       Building Blocks: Machine Learning and Big Data: Intermediate level: 3 hours duration
  •       Data series and analytics: Intermediate Level: 3 hours duration
  •       Data Series: Analytics foundation: Intermediate Level: 3 hours duration

6. Coursera: Coursera happens to be the most effective option for all those who wish to get the best training. The online course provider offers umpteen options and learners can choose amongst a whopping 238 courses. Each of these courses deals with data analytics, data science, and data extraction offered by the leading universities.

These courses are comprehensive, targeted, and well-designed. You can gain a lot of information from these courses and master the art of performing successful data analytics. Some of the leading universities in the UK offer targeted courses to advanced learners. Those planning to take this as a career can enrol in these full-time degree courses.

Courses for advanced learners

Universities and educational institutes here in the United Kingdom offer full-fledged courses to students. If you wish to pursue data science as a part of your higher studies and advanced academics, you can easily do that. Here are some of the choices you have:

1. M.Sc in data science: University of Glasgow

Cognitive computation and statistical modelling are two of the most crucial parts of data science. The University of Glasgow offers a comprehensive masters course in data science.

2. University of Leeds: M.Sc in data analytics

Students pursuing this particular course will get the chance to learn systems programming, algorithms, and machine learning.

3. University of Essex: M.Sc in Text Analytics and Big data

Every organization stores huge data chunks as they are sources of crucial information. The University of Essex helps students learn the art of data collection and extraction with special emphasis on text analytics. If you wish to study data analytics in a targeted way, taking admission in this university would be a smart move.

4. University of Warwick: Short data courses

Students not only learn the art of performing data extraction, but they also get the chance to study the design, development, and analysis of data hardware. Data finds application in a variety of situations, and it’s imperative to understand those contexts before performing data extraction. The course duration is 20 days, and the last date for application submission is May 2018. For more information and a detailed preview, you can check out the website.

5. Short Course on Computability, Algorithms, and Data Structures

With the help of this particular course, a student can turn into an efficient data scientist as well as a computational thinker. It’s a full-time course offered by the ‘Open University’ and will continue for 9 months. As the course starts from October 2018, 14th September 2018 happens to be the last date for application submission.

Take your pick

When it comes to studying data science in the UK, students and enthusiastic learners will come across innumerable options. The best way to choose a specific course is by breezing through the course modules, knowing the topics covered within the course, and getting information about the duration. Some of these courses also have practical units where you can work on case studies. Since the data analytics market is thriving, there’s a huge demand for efficient data scientists. If you aim to be good at what you do in data science, these courses might just be the right choices.

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