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Scraping doctors data :

Health is wealth, and in the twenty-first century, with rising pollution levels and the emergence of new lifestyle-related health diseases, people are turning to the internet in hordes to find doctors near them. That fuels the need of Scraping Doctors and Physicians Data from the Appointment Booking Websites. Other reasons behind the need to find doctors online are –

  • Need for reviews on doctors to decide whom to visit.
  • People moving to new places
  • Getting the contact details to book appointments.

Due to these reasons, there are multiple websites today that house data related to doctors. However, most of the data is well formatted, or only for a specified region or not updated regularly. We at PromptCloud, can help you crawl these data, aggregate them, and put them to use by converting them into a structured format so that your customers can benefit from the data.

Why crawl and aggregate the doctors’ data?

Scraping and aggregating data on doctors from appointment booking websites can have multiple benefits. The people who’ll benefit the most from the data are the patients who are looking for doctors. Some of the types of doctors who are in demand the most are –

  • Gynaecologists
  • Neurologists
  • Physicians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Dentists, and more…

If you can aggregate the data related to doctors, location wise, it would help people a great deal. Even agencies like hospitals who might want to tie up with doctors in an area can use your data to make their work a little easier and faster.

How to use the data?

While different websites might give you different data points, you will have to decide on a few data points yourself for each doctor or physician, that you must aim to fill using one or multiple sources. The best way to make sure that your data is clean is to always use one source as your primary.  The secondary source would be useful to check your data cleanliness or add more data points. In this particular scenario, the address of the clinic or the hospital where one can visit the doctor is of utmost importance. The next best data point to have would be a phone number where one can call and make an appointment. Another important data field would be the type of doctor along with qualifications. Some other good-to-have details would be how long he has been practising and reviews by his former patients.

How DaaS providers can make things simple:

Getting the data is the first step after which comes cleaning, formatting, and more. DaaS providers can make things easier for you by taking care of the data gathering part. When you take the help of an experienced team like ours at PromptCloud, the only thing you need to worry about is the business problem at your hand, and forget about the data collection. All that you would need to do is give us the websites that need to be scraped, the data points that need to be captured, the format you want the data to be delivered to you in and the way you would prefer the data to be delivered to you (API, S3 bucket, etc).

Using Scraping Doctors and Physicians Data to gather doctors’ data from the internet is the best way you can cover a lot of doctors and a lot of areas, very fast. Leveraging existing data sources through web scraping can turn up to be the most efficient solution for your data aggregating business plans.



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