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The 2017 Job Data market looks very promising for industries like information technology and healthcare. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment has dipped below 5% which is the lowest it has gone to since 2007. On top of this, the overall job growth is anticipated to increase by 6.5% by 2024, which would mean 10 million new jobs. The newer advancements in information technology have made it easier for both job seekers and employers to find what they’re seeking. We did some extensive research to find the hottest jobs in the market for 2017 and compiled a list of 15 top jobs. Please note that the jobs are not ranked on the basis of any metrics.

Hottest jobs 2017

1. Solutions architect

Median Base Salary:  $125,000

Top skills: Integration, requirement analysis, business analysis, project management

The role of Solution Architect entails the conversion of requirements into a blueprint for the solution to be created. The quality of output will be hugely based on past design patterns and personal experience. Keeping up with the latest trends in programming and development technologies is a vital requirement for staying relevant in this field.

2. UX designer

Median base salary: $92,500

Top skills: Web design, interaction design, graphic design, user centered design, information architecture

With customer experience becoming a growing concern for companies, UX designers are in high demand now. If you can put yourselves in the shoes of the customer and come up with user friendly design ideas, this could be the right career path for you. An ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of technology, psychology and the key business goals. Responsibilities include gathering information, creating sitemaps, prototypes and wireframes.

3. Strategy manager

Median base salary: $130,000

Top skills: Strategic performance management, risk management, analytics, collaboration, planning

Organizations are now more aware of the growing importance of having strategic planning and long-range goals than ever before. As a strategy manager, you will be responsible for evaluating the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the organization from time to time. Being a critical role, most companies expect a bachelor’s degree along with at least 7 years of experience in a related area to be considered for the role of strategy manager.

4. Marketing manager

Median base salary: $90,000

Top skills: Communication, Ideation, Networking, Leadership

The job of marketing managers mostly revolves around developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing activities for the organization. Attracting potential customers and retaining the existing ones are the key expectations from this role. Since marketing is evolving with the newer technological advancements like IoT, keeping up with the changing grounds will be a constant challenge.

5. Compliance manager

Median base salary: $100,000

Top skills: Communication, Interpersonal abilities, Problem-solving, Monitoring

Staying compliant with the changing government rules and regulations can be a bottleneck for most of the big companies. Compliance manager is held responsible for keeping the legal and ethical integrity of the organization intact by enforcing policies and managing programs. The person will also have to work with multiple departments in an organization and make sure every business operation is complying with the applicable regulations and policies.

6. QA manager

Median base salary: $92,000

Top skills: Monitoring, coordination, systems analysis, Instructing, Operations analysis

Providing high value to the customers is crucial for the survival of any business entity in this fast-changing market. Although the exact responsibilities of QA manager vary across different industries, it typically boils down to determining, negotiating and agreeing on in-house quality standards and procedures. Simply put, a QA manager must ensure that the customer expectations from a product is always met.

7. Hospitalist

Median Base Salary:  $222,000

Top Skills: Healthcare Management, Inpatient Care, Electronic Medical Record, Patient Safety, Internal Medicine

Hospitalist are physicians who are responsible for the general care of patients who are hospitalized. What differentiates Hospitalist is their focus on patient care activities like research, teaching and leadership related to hospital medicine. There has been an explosive growth in the demand for Hospitalist in the recent years, which can be attributed to the increasing demand for better patient care.

8. Sales engineer

Median Base Salary:  $80,000

Top Skills: Solution Selling, Sales Management, Project Engineering, Automation, Sales Engineering

Sales engineers are responsible for selling complex technological and scientific solutions to businesses. Since the products involved are technically complex, ideal candidates are expected to have a strong technical background which will be helpful in understanding the scientific inner workings of the products they are selling. Although a really lucrative field, the role of sales engineer can be slightly on the stressful side.

9. Scrum master

Median Base Salary: $100,000

Top Skills: Agile Methodologies, Software Project Management, Scrum, Requirements Analysis, SQL

Scrum master is a particularly challenging position in the agile software development methodology. The job role is responsible for monitoring scrum meetings and processes, motivating the team, spins and making changes that can improve the quality and consistency. Since maximizing the efficiency of projects is something that companies take very seriously nowadays, scrum masters are in huge demand.

10. Data engineer

Median Base Salary:  $105,000

Top Skills: Hadoop, Python, SQL, Big Data, Hive

The use of big data to improve business efficiencies has become extremely popular in the last few years, thanks to the developments in data acquisition and analytics. This has also significantly influenced the growth of big data related job opportunities. Data engineers are professionals who are responsible for preparing the big data infrastructure for analysis by Data Scientists. Designing, building and integrating the data on top of different resources are the key functions of a Job Data engineer. Strong programming skills are necessary to handle the data ecosystem of big organizations. If you have the necessary skills, a career in big data has a bright future considering how data is finding its way into every industry vertical nowadays.

11. Product manager

Median Base Salary: $97,500

Top Skills: Product Development, Competitive Analysis, Product Launch, Cross-Functional Team Leadership, Marketing Strategy

Product managers are responsible for all the key functions in product development including market research, identifying potential products, determining specifications, creating product requirements, pricing and managing timetables associated with the launch. The proliferation of big data and personalization has significantly increased the possibilities in product development. This could be one of the reasons for the hiking opportunities in product management.

12. Physician assistant

Median Base Salary: $104,000

Top Skills: Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support, Electronic Medical Record, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine

Physician Assistants are in high demand across the country, which makes it the right time to explore this as a career option. Increasing demand for personalized healthcare services from the growing population along with the shortage of physicians have resulted in the popularity of physician assistant as a profession. PAs will be primarily responsible for providing diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic services.

13. Analytics manager

Median Base Salary: $109,000

Top Skills: Data Analysis, SAS, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics

Analytics manager is another job that gained popularity due to the surge in big data usage. The responsibilities of analytics managers include coordinating analytics tasks, creating effective Job Data acquisition strategies, research and implementing analytics for the products and services. An ideal candidate should also be good at measuring performance, identifying financial risks, improving customer experience and motivating a team of specialists to complete their objectives promptly.

14. Data Architect

Median Base Salary: $122,000

Top Skills: Data warehousing, Data modeling, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load),Business Intelligence, Job Data

Data architects are responsible for creating the blueprints of the company’s big data management infrastructure. The role will also include activities to design, integrate, centralize, maintain and protect the company’s data ecosystem. As with anything related to big data, the role of Data architect is growing in terms of popularity and demand.

15. Medical director

Median Base Salary: $230,000

Top Skills: Medicine, Clinical Research, Healthcare Management, Healthcare Information Technology, Electronic Medical Record

Medical directors play a crucial role in ensuring the quality of healthcare that is delivered to the patients. The opportunities are mostly in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, residential care units, corporations and universities. The person should also strive constantly towards making healthcare cost effective to the employers and beneficial to the patients.

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