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Extracting web data pays for itself and anyone who’s ever gathered the goldmine of information that’s scattered around the web for augmenting their big data strategy needs no further explanation for this statement. Our growing client base is one of the best indicators for the increasing popularity of web data as a growth driver.

At PromptCloud, we provide great value to our users by doing all the heavy-lifting associated with web data extraction in the background, to deliver data sets that are cleansed, deduplicated and of really high quality. However, we decided to make web scraping all the more rewarding to our loyal users. ‘PromptPoints’ was ideated to be used as a data currency which would be awarded to our clients based on their usage of our services and this can be redeemed against invoices for various services.

Dashboard of PromptPoints for getting rewards on acquiring web data

Let’s take a look at how you can earn PromptPoints:

PromptPoints are awarded depending on your usage of our services and the more you use them, the more points you earn. Simple as that.


1. Addition of new sites

Every time you add a new site to your existing project, you will earn 100 points.

2. Successful referrals

Refer your pal to sign up with us for a custom crawling project and we’ll give you 200 points while your friend gets 100 points. 

3. Points for long-term partnership

Additionally, you earn 500 points every six months for using our services on continuous basis. Note that there should be six payments on a regular basis for monthly invoices.

Redeeming your PromptPoints:

Redeeming your PromptPoints is easy and hassle-free. Once you have accumulated the points, your monthly invoices will be automatically discounted by 10% of the total points value (5 PromptPoints are equal to $1). On completion of one year (payment for 12 monthly invoices), your next immediate invoice will be discounted by 50% of the accumulated points. You can always see the points you earned and redeemed by going to the history tab in the PromptPoints page.

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