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Nothing alleviates the pain and trauma caused to the victims of the ghastly flood that hit divine lands in Uttarakhand, India. All we can hope for is that such a deadly night of 16th June never repeat itself, and that peace be with families of the victims.

To do our bit, PromptCloud has extended a tiny financial hand to help relieve those still stranded / recovering. Each team member at PromptCloud has happily donated a week’s salary to a community called Goonj that’s rigorously helping those who are not as fortunate as us to be at comfort right now. We have also doubled the amount by contributing equal amount from the company account. This amount might just be a drop in what’s needed to create an ocean, but we sincerely hope that in addition to hundreds who have already contributed, many other come out to help.

This post is not for any publicity but merely to reach out to as many folks as possible to extend their bits. Goonj’s website has all the information you need to contribute. There are many other organizations proactively helping those affected by the flood, so no matter who you choose, do choose to stand up.

P.S. There are many NGO’s taking advantage of such opportunities like those looters in the valley who aren’t sparing the dead. So please make a wise choice. You could also choose to contribute to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.

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