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After 3 years of literal burn out routines, here they are- Nasscom Emerge 50 and the IEDRA award for us in a row.

To give some background, Nasscom selects a group of 50 companies in India across categories and recognizes them as fast emerging companies providing them a high-voltage platform conveying to the ecosystem that these companies exist. Details of this process are here- PromptCloud is apparently emerging in the startup category :). Not that we weren’t in the last 3 years, but we just chose to be called in at this point in time when growth is showing some grace.

Besides, IEDRA, presided by its profound list of ministerial VIPs, recognizes organizations for their outstanding achievements and contributions in their respective fields. PromptCloud has been awarded the Indian Industrial Excellence Award for the same.

It’s encouraging (if nothing else) to be recognized by these call outs because it just screws in the bolts tighter and keeps you going.

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