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10 Jobs That Robots (Artificial Intelligence) Might Take Over In The Near Future

December 16, 2016Category : Blog
10 Jobs That Robots (Artificial Intelligence) Might Take Over In The Near Future

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Professor Stephen Hawking says artificial intelligence could be the biggest threat to humanity. The future of civilization depends on how thinking machines could be used. It can either be the best thing that could happen to humans or the worst. Probably everybody has heard  about what is Artificial Intelligence, but relatively few people know how it will affect us in the near future.

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Below are the 10 jobs which might get replaced by robots (AI) in the near future:[spacer height=”10px”]

1. Cashiers

[spacer height=”10px”]This is one of the best examples of upcoming pink-collar job automation and we’re already seeing signs of transition. Amazon Go is now establishing brick and mortar stores with a revolutionary shopping experience. The first grocery store is already up in Seattle and Washington. The sensors are placed on racks and the algorithm connects with your app in the phone which knows what you’re buying and charges it to your account.[spacer height=”10px”]

2. Customer Service Agents

[spacer height=”10px”]We’re already seeing many companies using chatbots as digital assistants. Even IBM has launched a product called Watson Virtual Agent to automate the customer service.The only difference is, instead of phone, they use internet to simulate conversations with humans. They’re cheaper, can work any time throughout the day and instantly be trained using natural language processing. The only downside is that we’ll lose human touch in customer support.[spacer height=”10px”]

3. Professional Drivers

[spacer height=”10px”]The truck drivers will be the first victims of AI. Automated trucks by Uber’s Otto will be programmed to go from one warehouse to another that might cost 3.5 million American truckers their jobs. The data backed travel would also affect auto body repairers. A study by Mckinsey & Company predicts that we could see a crash rate reduction by 90 percent in the future.[spacer height=”10px”]

4. Data Entry Keyers

[spacer height=”10px”]They work on data input devices like keyboard and their most important duty is to verify the data. However, it is important to answer this question “How do I acquire quality data without any any inaccuracies due to human error?” The answer is data acquisition via web crawling as it helps in data cleansing and provides error free data mining.[spacer height=”10px”]

5. Fast Food Employees

[spacer height=”10px”]According to Statista, almost 4 million people work as fast food chain employees in the US. Near half a million are employed by Mcdonald’s which is arguably the most famous brand in the world. Although it always had a certain level of automation, with new AI-driven robotics technology, it could affect millions of jobs.  A few self-service kiosks have been rolled out already due to rising labor cost and higher wage demands. Momentum Machines has developed a machine which is capable of putting out one burger every 10 seconds.[spacer height=”10px”]

6. Bank Jobs

[spacer height=”10px”]The New York Times wrote an article “The Robots Are Coming for Wall Street” saying that the professional services firms need to prepare for the robo revolution. Also, The Boston Consulting Group predicts that by 2025, up to one quarter of jobs will be replaced by smart softwares or robots. The jobs most likely to be automated are loan officers, bank tellers, insurance underwriters, tax preparers, credit analysts and accounting professionals. Banks have already started analyzing transactional data to observe their customers behavior and activity online.[spacer height=”10px”]

7. Umpires and Referees

[spacer height=”10px”]It has the greatest chance of being replaced by AI powered automation. A computerized umpire called Hawk Eye has already been deployed in professional tennis. Recently Baidu created an AI powered Assitant to deliver live commentaries for Rio Olympics 2016. It is called Duer and learned to give live commentary by analyzing thousands of hours of NBA games, London Olympics, etc. The strength of AI against a human being is that, it can process large amount of live data (statistics and records), analyse and continuously learn from it.   [spacer height=”10px”]   

8. Secretaries

[spacer height=”10px”]According to Labor Department statistics in the US, more than 1.1 million secretaries vanished from the job market between 2000 to 2010. Smart softwares like GotoMeeting lets the boss schedule the calls and arrange the meetings themselves.[spacer height=”10px”]

9. Real Estate Agents

[spacer height=”10px”]Online portals like ZIllow and Trulia allows comprehensive search of all the properties available and sites like StreetAdvisor tell you everything you need to know about the neighborhood. The analytics companies are releasing market forecasts, building business intelligence, etc by aggregating such data.[spacer height=”10px”]

10. Legal Assistants

[spacer height=”10px”]LegalZoom can draft a legal document, analyze the case and determine the outcome. They have already made their name in the legal industry and are likely to displace a number of people working in such processes. It requires millions of records to be scrapped from county courthouses and cases analyzed (both past and present) to deliver such insights.[spacer height=”10px”]

AI is inevitable and it will take some jobs, but there’s no need to panic. As you can see, most of the above jobs have enough scope for automation  and remember STEM jobs are always going to be in demand. 

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