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IOS security

IOS stands apart from other mobile operating systems (OS) in the sense that both its hardware and software are controlled by tech giant Apple. It includes a tight integration of back-end and front-end components that are questionably unmatched. The iOS runs on iPad, iPod and iPhone devices, manages the device software and hardware, and provides the appropriate technologies needed to implement native apps. Moreover, it ships with different system apps such as Safari, Mail and Phone that provide regular system services to users.

The iOS Platform

Some of the main features of iOS Platform include:

Curated App Distribution

The Apple’s curated app distribution model offers a fabulous iOS experience. By approving and assessing every app in App Store, the company ensures that only the top-quality, useful apps are provided to the users. As there are so many malware and spam apps, Apple makes it sure that those dangerous apps are carefully screened out. Moreover, Apple offers a range of easily downloadable apps for its users so that they can explore the apps without any installation problems.

Cocoa Touch

Cocoa Touch is actually a concept or idea of iOS functions designed to assist developers in implementing sophisticated app features. It provides the base framework for developing apps on devices running iOS, such as map kit framework, iAD framework, game kit framework, foundation kit framework, and UIKit framework.

Minimalist Hardware Design

IOS devices and gadgets are known for one-button design. Apart from a camera button, volume rocker and power button, iOS devices provide single button design with consistent functions. The single button design means that your app’s user interface has to include controls and buttons for every operation. You cannot rely on a back button or a hardware menu button like you could on Android.

Advantages of iOS

Proactive Lifestyle Management:

There is a useful application for lifestyle management known as “Proactive” in the latest iOS. This new app replaces the current Spotlight Search in iOS 8 with a range of better services. It will check data from other applications in order to provide right information and services at the right time.

Music Streaming Service:

Apple has announced a new music service, i.e. Apple Music along with live radio station called Beats 1. The new OS will be completely dedicated to music streaming and would incorporate a range of new features, which would give it an edge over other music streaming services.

Improved HomeKit:

The HomeKit gets upgraded to function remotely with iOS 9 update. With the update, users would no longer need Apple TV, thanks to iCloud, which will allow users to wirelessly control and manage Homekit compatible accessories in the safest manner. The users will be able to remotely control gadgets or devices of their homes with the help of the latest iOS.

Smarter Siri:

The users will be able to experience another benefit of iOS in Siri. The personal assistant, which is voice-controlled, will now be open to third-party apps. Furthermore, it will support additional natural language commands. Siri will enable you to exercise a more intelligent and detailed search in the latest iOS, which is 30 percent faster than the iOS 8.

Data Security With iOS

The latest Apple data security push started with fingerprint recognition sensor incorporated into iPhone 5S. The Cupertino-based firm encrypted iPhones by default and extended its encryption in iOS 8. Now with iOS 9, the company has been able to tackle common issues and glitches with iDevices: security of iCloud accounts and Apple ID, and data loss from stolen or lost devices. For improved data security, Apple established a two-factor authentication process and enhanced its passcode criteria for iOS 9.

Strong Passcodes for Security

It may be a minor change for some, but Apple updated its passcode criteria to 6 digits rather than the common 4 digits, thus boosting data security for iOS 9.

With the latest security update, the hackers or cyber criminals have to try one million password combinations in order to break the security code of iPads or iPhones. Earlier, they only had to explore 10,000 password combinations to break the user’s iPad or iPhone. Security analysts believe that four-digit passcode is relatively easy to crack, particularly since users have a tendency to use sequences such as 1234, repeating numbers such as 1111 or 2222, or common combinations such as 2580.

It becomes harder to crack the passcode if you add two digits to it, which would lead to a stronger passcode. According to iOS developers, a strong 6 digit alphanumeric passcode would take several months or even years to crack the passcode.

Protecting iCloud Account

The latest two-factor authentication procedure for iCloud accounts is designed by Apple to prevent hackers from using stolen or lost Apple passwords and IDs to access data.

When you try to login to a new device with your Apple ID and password, you will be instructed to write a 6 digit verification code for better authentication. You will not be allowed to proceed further if you fail to enter the 6 digit code. The verification code is actually sent to other iDevices registered to your Apple ID or to a specified phone number in the form of voice call or text message.

Over the past few years, there have been many instances where iCloud accounts have been breached and sensitive data compromised. The Apple’s new two-factor authentication process makes it harder for cyber criminals to break the security of iCloud accounts. The new system triggers an alarm if a user, all of a sudden, gets a verification code, in spite of not requesting one. The users come to know that somebody is trying to login into their Apple ID fraudulently.

The new security features designed by Apple demonstrate how seriously the tech giant is taking data security of its users across the world. With iOS 9, the company wants to deter both law enforcement agencies and cyber criminals from accessing the data and information stored by Apple users.

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