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In response to the hustle in the market, we have recently launched ready-to-use data packages for some popular websites which carry a lot of relevant and meaningful information for businesses to function. Our powerful crawlers have already crawled millions of URL’s in this regard and our extractors have structured this data with relevant attributes. These packages can be brought into immediate use without waiting for feed to arrive and if you wish to deal with large data sets from leading websites in each domain.

  • Social- Professional user profiles, company profiles
  • Travel- Reviews, reviewer profiles
  • Product Listing- Product spec and price listings, product reviews

To give a hang of the numbers we’re talking here- we could give you about 30 million unique professional people profiles or 20 million unique travel reviews

at the outset. The important part though; costs are so minimal that you could just buy them all and play around with data (if data amuses you that is ;)). Data will be in an XML/CSV format and we will give you API access to download all this data. Ping us @ if you feel the power of big data and we’ll make it look small for you.

In addition, we continue to cater to specific crawl and extraction requirements on a customized basis and take care of end-to-end data delivery typical of a DaaS.

P.S. The package only includes public data and complies with the terms of use of the respective sources.

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