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Smoking weed, cannabis, or marijuana was once reckoned to be a dangerous and illegal pastime. However, in modern times, advances in technology have led to more open discussions on the uses of marijuana and stop widespread marijuana abuse across the world. Marijuana’s reputation has changed considerably in a few years due to technological advancements and better information dispersal. Though the negative stigma associated with smoking marijuana continues to exist, people are now more aware of the truth behind marijuana.

Smoking pot or weed is in no way more dangerous than smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol. Among the substances that have been categorized as dangerous, marijuana is said to be least dangerous or addictive. Studies have demonstrated that weed or cannabis is less dangerous or addictive than smoking cigarettes or tobacco, and how advancements in technology are stopping marijuana misuse.

Marijuana Breath Test May Offer Alternative to THC Blood Test

A recent study, which was published in the journal Clinical Chemistry, indicated that a marijuana breath test might be a feasible way to test the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in a motorist’s breath sample. This would be similar to the breathalyzer test, which is performed on motorists, to determine their alcohol intoxication level. The breath test may be used as an alternative to the controversial THC-blood test as well.

The researchers gathered exhaled breath samples from users, who smoked marijuana four times per week, and users, who smoked twice a week after they smoked a 6.9 percent THC cigarette.

It was found that THC, the main psychoactive constituent in marijuana, which leads to a high sensation, was the principal cannabinoid found in breath samples. Moreover, no breath sample had 11-COOH-THC, a marijuana metabolite, which is formed in the human body after cannabis consumption. Only one sample had cannabinol, which is an oxidative product of tetrahydrocannabinol that has some sort of psychoactive properties but has less strength than THC.

All the breath samples tested positive for chronic smokers for THC after one hour of marijuana intake. As time passed, fewer breath samples tested positive, and after four hours, only one chronic user-tested positive.

On the other hand, around 85 percent of breath samples tested positive for occasional smokers for tetrahydrocannabinol after one hour of marijuana consumption, and they continued to test positive even later as well. One occasional smoker was found to have no THC in his breath sample.

The researchers concluded that a breath test might provide an alternative arrangement for testing those driving under marijuana influence but it has constraints concerning short detection window. The estimated detection window is considered to be between thirty minutes to two hours after marijuana intake.

As per the study from Marijuana Policy Project, depending on the potency and quality of the marijuana, the psychoactive effects tend to decrease within 3-4 hours, with THC levels in the body peaking at 5-10 minutes and then decreasing.

Marijuana Breath Test Development at Washington State University (WSU)

The researchers at Washington State University are trying to develop a breath test that can testify if a driver’s breath has any traces of cannabis or marijuana. It must be noted that law enforcement agencies already make use of preliminary breath tests to estimate the person’s blood alcohol content. However, no similar tool exists to estimate marijuana impairment utilizing a breath sample.

Professor Herbert Hill, who teaches chemistry at WSU, informed that the older techniques, including those used by customs agents and airport security to detect explosives and drugs, can be repurposed to test breath for tetrahydrocannabinol. Hill and Jessica Tufariello, a doctoral student at WSU, are currently working on developing a small, hand-held device that makes use of ion mobility spectrometry to determine the existence of tetrahydrocannabinol in a person’s breath.

Currently, prosecutors and officers take a blood test to find out how much TCH is present in a person’s blood. However, the blood test results are not instantly available to the officers who investigate people suspected to drive under the influence of marijuana. There is speculation that all the data regulated by various medicinal shops and medical records would be mined to form a comprehensive database of smokers and medical marijuana receivers to tick the harmless drug users off the officers’ list immediately.

Hill said that the marijuana breath test at WSU would not pinpoint the THC level in the body initially, but it will intimate the officers about some active THC in the body. A strong breath test tool can prove beneficial for officers as it would assist them to decide if they must arrest or allow a suspected driver to go without a penalty.

Cutting-edge Advancements in Marijuana for Recreational and Medical Use

medical-marijuana-benefitsToday, you can use a site such as Leafly to find the best or the closest dispensary, pick some new THC/CBD hybrid oil from Dixie Elixirs, and consume them in VapeXhale CloudEVO. Gone are the days when a person had to physically look for a particular dealer who could provide him the pot.

CEO of VapeXHale, Seibo Shen, and his team created a new vaporizer that combines different facets of vaping technology with the ritual and aesthetics of an opulent glass bong. The weed community has appreciated the new product and the product has already won quite a few awards in several tech competitions.

These days, dispensaries in Colorado, Washington, and California, constantly optimize the THC and CBD levels, giving customers various choices in how they want the product to be, strong, moderate or normal, and whether the product should have stress-relieving (India) or uplifting (Sativa).

On the other hand, pot edibles have also changed a lot. Earlier customers used to have limited choices, and not to forget barely edible pots. With advancements in technology, customers can now pick their favorite pot from a wide array of choices, which taste good. Options include everything from popcorn to lollipop to mint, to name a few and THC-infused drinks.

It is hard to foretell how people would choose to enjoy or seek medical help with pot or marijuana in the future. However, as Medical Marijuana becomes mainstream, it is clear there will be varied options for every person and his needs.

Overall, the truth behind smoking pot is that it has been mostly demonized by ineffective researches and poor media campaigns against substance abuse. Medical Marijuana can be dangerous for physical and mental health but if a user exercises moderation, it may not be all that harmful.

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