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Growth hacking techniques rely on analytics and data to get better insight. The advantage over competition is more if organic search, SEO, and SEM is right.

It is essential for a growth hacker – a specialist in his own right – to be able to answer the following questions:

  • What the customer wants
  • Where he is
  • What does he speak

Organic search is one way to answer these questions. However, it is more pertinent for organic search to return results by using rich snippets that draw attention and make conversation more interesting. Sharable content also helps boost customer base. The more lists, DIY’s and more importantly, pictures you have, the wider the net is cast as audience shares your content. Google trends or social media searching makes life easy in this case since your audience directly tells you what it is they are interested to hear.

Growth Hacking Ideas and Tips

If you’re an entrepreneur with social media standing, and are treated as an influence in your own right, then an ideal way is to be the guest. Your voice matters and it will echo everywhere, adding to your growth. This is word-of-the-mouth backed by solid coding and algorithms to drive traffic.

Contributing to relevant topics across the Web and then back-tracking it to your own site also creates SEO value. The idea is to talk more: to be useful in sharing content/ information and not spamming! Everyone loves sharing content, more so if it is relevant.

Another side to content sharing is to be vocal about it. It’s not a pretty mountain lake waiting to be discovered; make it the ubiquitous bottle everyone wants. Allowing built-in sharing diverts the traffic. It may be annoying, but hey, it’s the numbers that matter!

Ultimately it’s about the audience, and if your CRM isn’t great, your audience pool will dry up faster than it filled up. Loyalty speaks the loudest. To keep the numbers growing, use e-mail triggers to activate dormant or infrequent users. Maximize return visits with offers and/or special alerts.


Engagement is the key in growth hacking. However, focusing too much on increase the customer base can divert from other vital tasks such as quality control, product enhancement or even managing internal affairs.

Typically, lean startups can take the most advantage of growth hacking if there is a bigger picture in mind and the wise should know to grow not just vertically, but horizontally as well

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