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We all make decisions at every point of the daily life, and the same goes for companies as well. Ever thought of making the right decisions easily and swiftly? Here is a company — Gilling that works on improving the decision-making process. Not only that, they are also working in the field of fusing bio-intelligence with artificial intelligence. They have researched, developed, tested and learned since 1987 together with some of the Denmark’s largest companies and their knowledgeable and ambitious employees. Today Gilling has a portfolio of up-to-date knowledge base, state-of-the-art methods, powerful tools and a great network of highly motivated specialists for faster, better and cheaper decision-making.

Finn Gilling, Founder of Gilling

It has been almost three years since PromptCloud started working with Gilling to help them with their web data acquisition requirements. We recently caught up with Finn Gilling, Founder of Gilling to gain better understanding of their solutions.

Brief introduction of Gilling and offerings to our readers

At we offer geospatial data and analytical solutions resulting from our software product called MasterPlan. We advice retail chains about where to locate their shops, and we can estimate with a precision of about +/-10-15% how much revenue they will achieve at any location in Denmark.

How does Automated Decision Intelligence work?

ADI – automated decision intelligence is a fusion of artificial and human intelligence. It works like this: Imagine a long chain of data processing and decision making. In normal software you see this process in the UI (user interface) – every time there is a button there is a “human decision”. Using the ADI philosophy and thinking-tools (The Human Decision System™) we teach people how to remove “the buttons” and use artificial decision intelligence (algorithms). Our research has revealed that all the questions we need answers to have a structure that can be described.

How can humans achieve successful integration of neurons and AI?

Understanding how the brain is a ”biological decision system” is important, since that will give a person a firm and consolidated view about how the brain controls one’s decisions and the movements (behavior) that follows. Understanding how a sequence of movements is composed by the brain (the decision system) to create a behavior that achieves a goal engaging a target is the correct level of detail and abstraction to be able to describe and understand the behavior of every living organism.

Tell us more about your book – “The Human Decision System”?

My book The Human Decision System™ started out as pure curiosity about how humans make decisions. The project improved when I spent time on it, and I found out I could do scientific research from my desk buying about 300 books from Amazon (and reading them!) in fields like neuroscience, psychology, physics, AI etc. I also read thousands of articles, and after 8 years and more than 2000 proposals that we killed and improved, the understanding, the model and the scientific proofs were ready, so I could write the book. An amazing intellectual journey that gave a very deep insight in how humans and all other organisms make decisions. I can only recommend buying the book on Amazon ????

From technology standpoint, what are what are your goals this year?

Our goal is to create a new system where we integrate retail location investment management with geographical social media advertising management. We want to make it better, easier and cheaper for retail chains to systematically use social media for geotargeted advertising campaigns.

What according to you would be the state of AI and Big Data by 2020?

I am certain we will see big corporations creating systems that can handle still longer and more complicated chains of dataprocessing and automated decision intelligence. Technology is a competition about awareness, attention, focus and fixation (according to The Human Decision System™), and the companies that best understand all the crucial steps in getting the audiences awareness, attention, focus and fixation will bring most people in a “deciding position” where the value of the offer will determine their behavior.

What prompted you to choose PromptCloud? How did PromptCloud solve your business problem?

PromptCloud delivers hassle-free service at fair prices! Very simple in data delivery; they are supportive and provide 100% effort.

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