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Data Visualization Reveals Insights, Air travel is now a major part of the lives of most people irrespective of their financial and professional backgrounds. However, it is also an expensive means of transportation which saves our precious time. This means, choosing the right operator, airport, date etc. matters when it comes to getting the most value from air travel. A typical traveler rarely goes beyond choosing the date of travel on the basis of the flight-fare. However, there’s more to a good air travel experience than that.

With our expertise in web data extraction, we decided to crawl flight data and dig out interesting Data Visualization Reveals Insights that might help our fellow travelers out there. The dataset contains flight data for London to New York City that was extracted from an airline price comparison site.

Data set

This data set was created on 16th February for flight prices on 5th March. The data points that we extracted for this visualization were:

  • Departure time
  • Arrival time
  • Operator name
  • Airport
  • Stops
  • Price
  • Duration

Flight time: Non-stop vs one-stop

As expected, non-stop flights had a significantly shorter duration than flights with one stop. Most non-stop flights had a duration ranging between 7 hours 48 minutes to 7 hours 54 minutes and the longest duration was more than 8 hours. Not a big difference there.

Non-stop flight time histogram

For flights with one stop, the most common duration was between 10 hours 12 minutes to 12 hours 37 minutes while the longest duration was more than 34 hours which is pretty long.

One-stop flight time histogram

The average journey time combined for both one-stop and nonstop flight stands at close to 13 hours.

Flight duration by operators

American airlines and Finnair topped the list in the flights with shortest average duration which was around 7 hours. Ukraine international airlines had the longest average flight duration which was easily more than 25 hours.

Flight Duration

Busiest airports

Heathrow Airport is clearly the airport with the maximum number of outbound flights and it’s also a popular fact. Second comes Gatwick Airport although it’s far behind Heathrow in the number of flights.

Flight count

Popular flight fares

The most popular flight fare in this route ranges between $1,807.83 and $2.152.34. There are close to 120 flights operating in this price range.

Flight fare histogram

Airline company with the most number of flights

Iberia has the most number of flights and Air India has the fewest number of flights in this route. Delta Airlines and British Airlines are the close competitors to Iberia when it comes to the number of flights.

Flight operators

Cheapest and most expensive options

British Airlines and Iberia are not just the leaders when it comes to the number of flights, but are the costliest options too. If you are looking for the cheapest options, Lot Polish Airlines is the one to look for.

Flight price average

Cost vs Speed

The duration of the flight is one of the major value points of air travel. We compared the cost of flight with the duration of flight to find out the best value for money options. Air India came out as the winner as they clearly have the lowest-priced flights with the lowest flight duration. Brussels Airlines is the least desirable option in this regard since their flights are priced high despite having a relatively higher duration.

fare vs time

Closing thoughts

We found out that American airlines and Finnair are the best option for travelers looking for the shortest flight duration. Price-conscious travelers can  go for Lot Polish Airlines as they offer the cheapest rates of all. If you’re looking for a great deal with low price and short duration, Air India has your back.



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