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Exposing the wizards behind PromptCloud

Meet Vasanthan Chandrasekaran, the bright eyed new recruit at PromptCloud. He is the quiet bombshell of the company and is already creating ripples in the 2 months he has been at PromptCloud. We tried understanding from Vasanthan what makes him tick and here’s what we found.

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Q: Tell us something about yourself

A: I am a traditional guy from Chennai who is just getting started to take on the world 😉 I like absorbing in my surroundings and learn something from it each day. An inquisitive person by nature, I am ready to take on a challenge any day.

Q: What are your interests outside from work?

A: I am addicted to music be it Bollywood, Jazz or Carnatic. I am passionate about electronics and building small play robots. I even won a couple of robotics events as a part of my graduation college.

Q: Which latest technology/product gets you all excited?

A: Google Spot! Have you seen how a baby understands to stand or walk pulling himself against gravity all on its own? Similarly it is a microprocessor controlled machine that understands gravity, slopes, push and pull and adapts itself according to its surroundings, all by sheer machine learning. It is interesting for me to see such progress in the field of robotics and electronic engineering that they have simulated a human learning behaviour and transferred it onto a machine – the Robo dog “Spot”.

Q: If left alone on an island surrounded by sharks, what would be your first instinct?

A: Being the meat lover I am, my first reaction would be to thank God for the delicious food and start preparing to go for the kill!

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