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With interesting developments taking place in the field of Big Data and Data Science almost every day, it is no wonder that you need to be on top of your game to catch up with the trends. As an experienced or emerging data scientist, you must be looking at ways to improve your knowledge base and augment your skills to be in line with what the business world is expecting today. But how do you achieve this? Simple; by attending conferences, training programs, and events. Data Science conferences play an important part in shaping up your professional vocation. Join people who bring their passion for data and share insights on innovations and improvements happening in this domain. In addition to leveraging a great networking opportunity, you can also fulfill your goal of advancing in your career with continuous learning.

Which events should you be marking on your London calendar?

London is hosting a series of well-run events that are attended by disruptors in the field of data, analytics, data science, and business intelligence. We have curated the best of the best when it comes to data science events in London. So lock your 2018 dates as per your preferences by knowing more about them –

1. CDO Europe

20th to 22nd February 2018

The 3-day event will bring together 150+ players in the data analytics field for an intense discussion and high profile networking. Get to know about the real-world applications in data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Companies across different levels of maturities and competencies can look forward to insightful takeaways, just like the 2017 edition of the CDO conference.  

Know more about the CDO summit here.

2. Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

19th to 21st March 2018

Gartner is known for its forward looking insights and predictions on the entire tech and big data landscape. Its summit is sure to bring in some of the biggest names in the field of analytics, business intelligence, data management, and information management. It will help to emerge companies to know more about improving the adoption of new skills, new roles, and innovative ways of working.

Know more about the Gartner summit here.

3. Data Science Festival

16th to 21st April, 2018

The week long data and analytics fest is expected to achieve a high number of participants attending due to its popularity. Be it panel discussions, social events, demos, lectures, and workshops, you will meet and greet a number of distinguished minds in the field of data analytics, data engineers, data scientists, and visualization designers.

Know more about the data festival here.

4. Strata World Conference

21st to 24th May 2018

This conference will share compelling case studies, use cases, innovations in analytics and data science, effective approaches in the business world, best practices, and evolving skillset. The venue will be ExCel London, which is in proximity to London airport and connected via the Docklands Light Railway. Thousands of professionals from the field of Big Data, analytics, data science, and Business Intelligence will converge on one of the biggest networking platforms to be seen in London in 2018.

Know more about Strata World Conference here.

5. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD)

19th to 23rd August 2018

The annual global conference sees one of the biggest gatherings of the finest minds in data science, data mining, big data, and analytics. The 2017 edition saw eminent speakers like Cynthia Dwork (Scientist at Harvard University and Microsoft Research) talk about data, algorithms, and systems. This year too, there will be interesting insights expected to come out of the KDD event.

Know more about KDD here.

6. Re-work Deep Learning Summit

20th to 21st September 2018

With 30 speakers and 500 attendees, the summit will look at emerging trends in deep learning and how it is impacting business decisions across the globe. Know more about the latest advancements and industry trends. See, industry experts talk about innovations in deep learning that are re-shaping the digital ecosystem. The meeting is expected to be attended by technologists, business leaders, deep learning experts, and data scientists, where they will share best practices and get the chance to network with the finest minds in their respective fields.

Get more information about the conference here.

7. Predictive Analytics World London

17th and 18th October 2018

The 7th annual conference will showcase practical use cases in the field of predictive analytics. The event will bring innovators from different industries as they speak on how predictive analytics deliver real business value to their organizations. Speakers from organizations like Microsoft and will be coming as featured speakers and presenting their insights around the impact provided by predictive analytics.

Know more about Predictive Analytics World London here.

8. Domino Data Science Pop-Up

October 2018 (dates to be decided)

The Domino Data Science Pop-Up event focuses on data science within the insurance and financial domain, in a series of workshops and discussions. The event assists data scientists to come in together and share disruptive practices that has the potential to go mainstream in the business world. They can share insights, discuss case studies, and brainstorm on how data science can be applied to solve specific business and data challenges.  

Know more about Domino Data Science Pop-Up event here.

These action-packed events are sure to bring out the best of your skills as a data scientist. Since continuous learning is the backbone to having a stellar career, these conferences and events will surely play an important role.

Which of these events will be a part of your calendar in 2018? Do share that via comments and add the ones we have not covered.

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