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Although our API is extremely simple to use and automate data downloads from, we have now expanded our data delivery modes. You can pick the delivery route that integrates well with your internal process and suits you best.

PromptCloud can now provide data delivery using the following 3 ways too:

1. AWS S3

If you already have an S3 account, you provide us credentials to your S3 bucket, and we will automatically upload feeds there.

2. Google Drive

If the amount of data that we’ll upload is relatively low, we can directly dump the data files on your drive instead of you having to query our API.

3. Dropbox

This mode is similar to Google drive, but your dropbox should have enough space to consume the amount of data that we can possibly upload.

Nevertheless, the API option is still present in addition to the above.

Give us a shout if you want to try these out.

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