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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is aimed at increasing customer interaction and reducing customer complaints. CRM software application is now a necessity in current generation commercial houses as it helps in making a customer totally satisfied. Customer relationship is essential for creating a strong prospect base, smooth marketing channel, and prompt after sales support.


In this era of neck to neck competition there is little scope for making mistakes or being lackadaisical. CRM packages are designed such that there are no gaps in different functional areas of an organization. For a seller or manufacturer it isimportant to cater to customer demands without questioning. These demands could range from acquiring goods or services, prompt attention during maintenance or service calls, fast response to advertisements, and immediate feedback on product or service.

Latest CRM packages for uninterrupted service

In conventional management methods these are maintained separately and take sufficiently long time in integrating the different functional areas. With latest versions of CRM package all these functions are integrated to offer an uninterrupted customer support. Efficiency of Salesforce CRM package is enhanced by its cloud computing technology. Cloud computing allows data transmission in encrypted form which increases security. Further accessibility to a central data is faster and safe. Users across the globe could use the same information source. Cloud based CRM is particularly effective for multi-location offices.

Any project that is in its pilot stage is neither available nor desirable to be sold. Pilot projects are always experimental and subject to authentication and viability. Once a pilot CRM or any other package of Salesforce is launched it is initially tested under commercial conditions. Only after its successful implementation and execution a package is offered commercially. Salesforce version control pilot limits this time between launching and market availability as it is cloud based.

Faster realization ensures saving of resources

Cloud based packages always have a faster realization time as they are free from clutters and blockages. The advantage of Salesforce packages is that they are cloud based, and being cloud based they are faster, more secured, and less costly. The chances of data loss are minimized and transmission speed maximized when using cloud based software packages. Users sharing the cloud are each assigned a space which is accessible to members of a group. Data transmitted between members of a group are secured against hacking and loss.

Cloud based CRM packages are flexible and comprehensive. In present day business set ups individual functional areas need to be integrated as the objective of an organization as a whole should be achieved. For effective management the same set of objectives should be communicated to different functional areas.  It is also important nowadays for application development companies to offer customized solutions. Customization is of primary importance under present business environment as the same applications are used for different industries. For instance a cloud based CRM package is useful for both steel industry and health service provider. Though the products offered are different the business processes are similar. Both setups need to deal with customers and go through the same cycle of prospecting, negotiating, product delivery, and after sales support. The management process remains unchanged while products or services offered might alter. For this reason customization is essential.

An efficient CRM package is not only directed at streamlining customer relationship but it also allows members to concentrate on more productive issues like product development, and innovative pricing. There is little scope of making mistakes in today’s global market environment. Even the slightest lacuna could lead to major problems in market presence.

About the author –Ivan Peres is a CRM specialist. He owns a consultancy business and has offered effective solutions to industries and institutes in different sectors. His blog on Salesforce version control pilot drew immense appreciation from readers.

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