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We are on a constant quest to make our DaaS solution the best you will ever come across while on the lookout for data. We have succeeded in this so far and the release of CrawlBoard v2.1 is another milestone in this journey. CrawlBoard was launched back in September and has been successful in making tremendous improvements in terms of workflow for our team internally, as well as for the customers. CrawlBoard v2.1 comes with a lot more enhancements that would make the customer experience even better than before with all the new features it comes with. Here’s a quick brief about the new features and additions in place.

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Requirement clarifications within CrawlBoard

Requirement gathering was one thing that CrawlBoard aimed at making smoother. v2.1 takes it one step further with the new option to make requirement clarifications on CrawlBoard itself until they’re finalised. This helps the clients clarify their doubts, check feasibility and request for any customisations they might need in the setup. Once the requirement is finalised, they would also be given an estimated pricing based on it. This will completely eliminate the need to communicate over email and gives the convenience of having it all at one place.

A new section for all past feasibility reports and discussions

Feasibility reports for the submitted sites can now be accessed from CrawlBoard itself. A new section has been added for all the past feasibility reports where clients get to check their previous reports and discussions at any time. This will also help avoid the inconvenience of going through emails to find old reports and discussions. These will stay in the dashboard for future reference.

crawlboard v2.1

Download contract and feasibility reports

The contract agreed upon between us and the client is usually sent over email. With CrawlBoard v2.1, contracts and feasibility reports can be downloaded from within the client’s account anytime. This will aid in quick review of the contract. Just like some of the above discussed additions, this is also meant to make CrawlBoard a one stop destination for everything associated with the project.

Check the feasibility dynamically

In case the sites you’re looking to crawl is already known to us as not feasible, you wouldn’t have to go through the regular process to be informed about this. With the newly added feature, CrawlBoard instantly lets you know if the site you’ve entered is not feasible as soon as you’re done keying in the URL. This will save the time and effort that could go in entering the whole requirement, only to know that the site isn’t feasible in the first place.

Indian entities can now pay via credit card

We have implemented a new payment gateway to facilitate credit card transactions for Indian clients seamlessly. With this addition, we now have all the geographies covered in terms of credit card payment options.

Prompt notifications for all data related events

With the new notification system, clients will get automated email notifications upon first upload of data. All notifications related to the project have now been automated, which will significantly enhance the responsiveness. The email notification would also come with help documents and guides that can come in handy for new users while handling the data.

Let us know how you like the all new CrawlBoard and feel free to shoot us with suggestions and feedback.

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