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Amazon has grown bigger than ever, and its sales have crossed all boundaries. This is despite the fact that it does not advertise its services on television or billboards. However, much of the advertisement is done by affiliate websites who cash in on successful conversions. While the commission percentage of each sale is different across different categories, most affiliate websites are making good money by advertising a certain category of products. Here are the top fifteen ways you can boost your affiliate sales of Amazon products through intelligent marketing strategies and more.

1. Stand out from the competition.

Decide on an offering that makes your website stand out from the rest; otherwise, you’ll just be another face in the crowd. Doing that is no simple task, and coming up with that unique offering might be tougher than all the other fourteen points on this list. It can be anything from the first-hand description of electrical goods, to guaranteed best deals.

2. Develop original content for your website.

Content is king, and unless you have some good eye-grabbing content on your website, keeping customers hooked would be a big problem. When you create your own content you would be able to take advantage of that content, by adding keywords and structured data, to make your website appear in the first page of multiple Google searches and more.

3. Create a buyer’s guide, with comparisons and metrics.

Ever been hooked to a website because it had amazing charts that made the data look so much simpler? Well, we all like great charts instead of lines of black texts. In fact, charts are getting even more realistic with time. There’s a new kind of animated graph, which changes its values when you play it. So instead of having 5 charts for 5 years of sales, you would be having an animated graph which would start at the first year, and keep moving to the next years so that you get a bigger picture in a single screen.

When it comes to helping the users who come to your website for guidance, there’s a lot that you could do. For specific categories, you could put down the metrics that customers look into before buying a product. Next, you could create graphs to show how the prices of some of the products have varied with time over the last twelve months. Instead of creating a comparison table between products, you could create graphs that would pop out and would be easier for most users to digest.

4. Use in-content links.

Users often click on images, specific keywords, and even on text items that look like buttons. Guessing where people will click is a tough job. So to be on the safer side, you need to make every part of your website clickable. Be it the header, the footer, text, images, sidenotes, charts, wherever you feel that people could end up clicking on something, you need to make it clickable.

5. Personalize your recommendations.

Every affiliate marketing site has some content, some links, some images, and some charts. But users are still unsatisfied and many user visits don’t end up in conversions. The reasons behind these remain unknown to the company owners. Hence, create a chatbot that would ask users for recommendations. Ask which feature they would want to see most on your website, or which feature definitely needs an upgrade. You can even go the extra mile and conduct customer surveys to understand when customers visit affiliate marketing websites and what features of these websites are most liked or used.

6. Follow up emails are a must.

Someone came to your website, browsed a couple of items and left. The cycle does not end there. Send him a follow-up mail listing items similar to the ones he had browsed. Notify him if any of those items see a huge price drop. Also, inform him about the top-selling products in those categories. If he is not interested in any of these, ask him what he did not like in your website, or why he is not making that purchase. Feedbacks from real-time customers are most important in the digital world.

7. Target buying keywords.

When you are creating content for your affiliate marketing website, target sets of keywords having the word “buy”, such as “Buy the best headphone in the market.”, or “Buy your own barbecue grill now.”. Users are more likely to click on such text and make impulsive decisions.

8. Add links to images.

A simple but often overlooked tactic to improve your Amazon affiliate sales is to put Amazon product page links against all your images. When people are reading content on your website, they will often click on the images, and if the image just opens up the image file, that could lead to one less conversion. By converting every image to a link, you are moving more customers from your website to Amazon web pages where they can make a purchase.

9. Use heat maps to see where users click.

When we spoke of in-content links before, we mentioned how people are unpredictable and they might end up clicking on certain parts of the screen, hoping it would take them to another page. Certain plugins or online software can help you get a heat map of your website so that you are able to understand where users end up clicking the most. This, in turn, would help you identify where to place your in-content links.

10. Create best seller lists.

Whenever we want to buy something online, we want to see the top items on the list. Say someone wants to buy a mobile phone and has a budget of $300. The person would want to see the top 5 or 10 phones under $300 before making a decision. Hence, in case you are building an affiliate marketing website, it is imperative that you build bestseller lists for top categories where users face a lot of doubts while buying. Also, since new products are introduced in the market every day, these lists need to be updated so as to keep customers hooked.

11. Curate deals

Most online shoppers love to shop online because of the exclusive and unparalleled deals. We also feel sad when we miss out on them. Curating top deals and showing them to customers is a must to make them visit your website more frequently. You can also send notifications to customers, by using data like purchase history, browsing history, what their favorite brands are or even by using their demographic information.

12. Don’t forget the small fish.

Going after only heavy-weight items like electronics might not prove very fruitful since lower cost items like cosmetics and fashion goods actually have a much higher margin. Focusing only on high-value products might make it riskier since people buy much less of them, and their sales are also dependant on market conditions, inflation, and more.

13. Know your categories.

Today eCommerce sites boast of thousands of categories. From office stationery to bikes, they sell everything. However, being an affiliate marketing website, you have to choose your battle because for every new category that you add to your website, you will need to curate deals, top products for every budget, identify the top sold products, create comparison charts, and more.

14. Focus on high conversion products.

No matter which category you delve into, there are some products that fly off the shelf on their own, and their sales can help you increase your revenue. These products should be featured separately and should have lengthy descriptions, details along with good images and if possible, even videos.

15. Give choices, but not too many.

Choices are good, but too many choices make customers confused. That is the reason why when you are delving into a type of product, it is good to give a small number of choices to customers, and describe why you selected those specific products, and mention their features. Giving a big list, without going into details would leave customers confused and indecisive. They would end up going to some other website that would help them make a concrete decision.

One of the best ways to gather content for your affiliate marketing website is to use web scraping. Whether you need product-data or details related to a particular product category, the World Wide Web is the best place to look for content. You could use DIY articles like this one to crawl data by yourself, or you could get the help of a professional team like ours at PromptCloud, to help you with your data scraping needs.

While some of the points mentioned above might be easier to implement than others, what you should know is that the effort that you spend on making your website more user-friendly would be directly proportional to the rise in conversions. And with the rise of more affiliate marketing websites, it will boil down to who is taking the customers more seriously and is more committed to creating better content.

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