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The Big Data Story 2015

August 27, 2015Category : Blog
The Big Data Story 2015

Every Data has a story to tell. Some convey it in the form of words, some in the form of images or some even in numbers. Almost 2/3rd of this data is created by individual internet users and customers, yet the corporate world and enterprises hold liability or accountability for 85% of this data. Reason being, it is highly beneficial to understand the market trends, consumer patterns, brand perception or the users’ psyche. All this information is laid out there on a platter, jumbled up in bits and pieces, but ready to be extracted and analysed.

Below is a graphic display of what data is available out there and how each piece of this data (Datum) combines to form a useful piece of information, extracted into a structured, clean data set, ready to be analysed, at your end.

Big Data Story by PromptCloud

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