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All you can crunch: Thanksgiving Treats from PromptCloud – PromptCloud

November 25, 2015Category : Blog
All you can crunch: Thanksgiving Treats from PromptCloud – PromptCloud



PromptCloud has gone through a whirl of ups and ups this year. From a successful launch of our Requirement Gathering Dashboard to acquiring double the doting number of customers that we had predicted. Among all the above accomplishments, we have a lot to be thankful for. So this Thanksgiving we have come up with a couple of treats as a small token of our gratitude and appreciation for your association with PromptCloud and giving us the chance to help fulfill your data requirements. But isn’t that the spirit of this gifting season? So without further ado, here they come:




Treat #1: New to PromptCloud? Here is a whopping reason why to start crawling data with us now!


Are you still looking for reasons to stall web crawling as an option? We are gonna leave you none this season. Sign up for PromptCloud’s services before 30th November and receive a 10% discount on your monthly bill from PromptCloud. Act now!!! Till offer stands.


Treat #2: Get more data for less! More sites coming your way!!

This one is for all our awesome customers who know their marketing data inside out. We love you for your constant faith and support and would like to thank you by giving you a special* discount coupon (*If you have been with us for 1 month or more): Add up to 5 new sites before 30th December and get 10% off on the new sites’ bill for the next month. Isn’t that just exciting? Hurry up. Save Big this Thanksgiving.



Treat #3: Write about us and cash in on your next data set.

Now comes the treat for all our rockstar customers who have a way with their words. Write us a review of your experience with PromptCloud to be published on our website and take away a whopping discount coupon. (In case you are at a loss of words, we could help nudge the writer in you too 😉 Write to for some ghost guidance ). Write to us how much you love us with the “Whys” and we will write to you back, giving you 10% additional reasons to love us more.


Treat #4: 7 Tips to help you land smart Business Insights

We promise not to leave you high and dry. We at PromptCloud wish to build long term relations with all our clients and provide the best data available out there. But once you receive the data, our support doesn’t just stop there. We are always open to providing you tips and advice on how you can translate this data into your biggest strategic strength. Check this latest addition to our slideshare pool that talks about 7 simple tips to convert your big data to smart data. For more such information and insights, you can always visit our blog or simply email us and we will be happy to help.




Enough treats for this season. But keep watching this space for more exciting offers. Thank you again for your continued love and support. And a Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t let that Turkey go cold now. Munch on!!!

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