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Customers are progressively interacting online, rendering websites and web apps critical to revenue generation. The reports suggest the same, as the worldwide demand for web-based applications is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34% in the coming years. It also entails the migration of various front and back-office tasks from computer systems to web-based integrations or the cloud. This change results in a reliance on technology.

Businesses confront an immediate need to have automated web-based testing and procedures straightforwardly and efficiently to reduce costs and prevent risk. Read further to learn more about the importance of website automation and its applications, as well as the benefits of leveraging it to ensure a seamless digitalization of business workflows.

Implications for Businesses Across Industries

Web automation implies the technique of automating tasks on an online browser or web application to improve speed and performance. It is a conception in which software solutions like web scrapers, RPA bots, and workload automation tools monitor user actions automatically. The captured data is then used to conduct repetitive and error-prone manual tasks via a web application or browser.

Automation for Online workflow 

Website automation is critical for all operational processes in any business. It saves a lot of time, increases efficiency, enhances visibility within the systems, and minimizes errors that occur during task execution. It helps companies of all sizes carry out critical processes and maintain a competitive edge.

Top 4 Applications of Web Automation

  1. Customer services

The IT operations departments at utility businesses leverage automation to test business agile workflows that transcend divisions and offices and include many applications. It enables them to considerably cut the amount of time invested in evaluating system upgrades. The time saved then gets devoted to strategically critical tasks such as customer support.

As an outcome, the business can provide better and speedier services to the clients.

2. eCommerce domain

Today, e-commerce serves as an imperative channel in the sale and purchase of products and services. Automation of front-end and back-end operations for reviewing and assessment helps online businesses enhance the efficacy and performance of an e-commerce channel. It entails-

  • Validating the performance of a digital store from the viewpoint of the end-user.
  • Real-time monitoring of operating status across platforms.

This trend of adopting e-commerce automation is on a consistent rise as 38 percent of marketers aim to increase the utilization of marketing automation. It includes approximately half of high-performers and nearly a third of mediocre players, delivering cloud services for marketing.

3. Insurance and Logistics

Back-end operations are gradually getting managed by web-based applications, including sector-specific ones like Transport Management Systems (TMS) in logistics firms and Policy Management Systems (PMS) in the insurance business. This shift to web-based solutions streamlines tasks in terms of automation.

For instance, BNP Paribas Cardif, an insurance business, switched from quarterly to monthly releases of their PMS by automated testing on the Pega web application.

Another case-in-point is several global logistics firms that automated their web-based online booking system, which interfaces with their TMS, reducing tasks to a few taps that command robots to execute redundant chores.

4. CRM workflow

CRM solutions offer significant automation opportunities. They are utilized for operations that span functional divisions, they are frequently web-based, and the actions involved are frequently repetitious. Some of the top-quality CRM systems for companies and businesses deliver cloud services for marketing, monitoring revenue, and technical support inquiries, among other things. They are highly adaptable and can be customized and upgraded to meet nearly any need. Thus, they help save a lot of precious sales time for teams.

Automating your Business 

Some of the best web automation tools can take care of the following most prominent tasks and reduce the hindrance to business growth:

Auto-filling online forms

Filling out lengthy online forms can be a time-consuming chore. Business teams can develop an automation task by capturing the process of filling out an online form, and the bots will autonomously reproduce it in the future.

Data extraction from webpages

Bots and web scrapers can be trained to retrieve data from internet sources, restructure it, and archive it for eventual usage.

Transferring data

Extracted or saved data can be exported readily into other files, reports, or business applications.

Web testing

RPA is commonly used to perform web testing. Web automation tasks can be developed using RPA to pass over testing and monitoring of web applications to bots as they happen.

For instance, to provide a high-quality service to the user, regular tests must be performed while implementing a web application. Such tests are automatable.

Downloading online reports

Web automation bots can download product pricing reports and extract necessary data to prepare reports that must be communicated to stakeholders.

Scale up web apps and browsers

Undeniably, there are some existent disadvantages of automation in business, but the benefits of integrating automation with business workflows far outweigh the cons.

Nevertheless, automation is essential for lowering risk, reducing turnaround time, and increasing the efficiency of testing web apps and browsers. Thus, businesses of all sizes and scales can utilize it to serve their customers better.

PromptCloud offers automated, configurable web scraping solutions with a principal focus on quality data acquisition and implementation speed. These solutions can meet your custom and large-scale needs, even on complicated sites, without coding. Furthermore, all solutions are available on the cloud, with low latency data feed to highly scalable infrastructure.

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