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At PromptCloud we have always made an attempt to discuss how big data opportunities is benefiting various industries ranging from: Advertising, Industrial Automation, Restaurants,  Fashion, Human Resources, and,  Logistics, Banking and Retail. Elexio, that provides software solutions to churches came up with this infographic showing how big ‘big data’ actually is and how 8 different sectors are utilizing it. Of course, they have also included how big data can prove useful in management of churches.


Source: Elexio

Today’s empowered consumer is no longer dependent on the local market as she is able to tap into global sellers almost instantly and has the power of comparing prices, features, reviews and recommendations without having to interact with the sellers. Clearly, the power now lies in the hands of the consumer and the onus of being responsible and just lies on the seller.

PromptCloud is an enterprise-grade DaaS provider for simplifying your data scraping requirements into a 2 step process. All you need is the list of websites and the data points. Set the frequency and the data automatically flows into the cloud storage of your choice.
You could also opt for an API-based integration in which you can query the scraped data from your business workflow. The ability to create customized solutions that can help you in setting up any web scraping flow and extract actionable insights is what makes PromptCloud stand strong for over a decade.
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