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We can help you if you are:

1. Looking to extract data from a specific set of sites on recurring basis

Such as:

  • Ecommerce data feeds
  • Real estate listings
  • Job data
  • Travel data

and more

2. Looking for a Data acquisition partner

We won’t be of help if:

1. You want to scrape emails or contact information from the web

2. You are looking to scrape Facebook or LinkedIn

3. The information you need is hidden behind an OTP

4. The sites you need data from disallow crawling (We’ll be happy to test it for you)

5. You need data extracted from PDF files

6. You want to extract text from images

7. You are looking to crawl the entire web

8. You need an end to end data analytics solution (We specialise in data extraction only)

9. Your requirement is a one time crawl (We make exceptions to this if you have an exciting requirement like this or you’re looking to crawl large number of sites)

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