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sentiment analysis

How to Analyze Twitter for US Presidential Election Trends

October 28, 2020Category : Blog

Last Updated on October 29, 2020 by TarunWhen it comes to alternative data sources, Twitter is the gold mine of social media data. While multiple social media platforms have gained mass popularity, some nuances of Twitter make it the most favored among companies and individuals who want to use social media data to build predictive..

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Data Visualization and Analysis of Taylor Swift’s Song Lyrics

July 18, 2018Category : Blog

Last Updated on July 18, 2018 by TarunDid you know that Taylor Swift is the youngest person to single-handedly write and perform a number-one song on the Hot Country Songs chart published by Billboard magazine in the United States? Apart from that she is also the recipient of 10 Grammys, one Emmy Award, 23 Billboard..

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Using Sentiment Analysis to Hack Business Growth

January 3, 2018Category : Blog

Last Updated on January 3, 2018 by PreetishMany brands thrive on mentions on social media posts. It is not rare to see a spike in business bottom lines post a robust and sustained social media buzz around the brand. Hence, companies monitor every mention about their brand and track all types of mentions. If it..

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Analysis and Visualization of Amzon Echo Dot 2 Reviews

October 27, 2017Category : Blog

Last Updated on October 27, 2017 by PreetishAmazon Echo Dot, the hefty hockey puck of a device is a smart speaker which has been the best-selling Alexa device since its debut. It was also Amazon’s best-selling device during the 2016 holiday season apart from being the most popular item on Prime Day. The Dot’s value proposition..

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[Customer Spotlight] Sentiment Search – Consumer Insights Using Social Media for Restaurants

March 29, 2017Category : Blog

Last Updated on March 29, 2017 by PreetishIt’s crucial for businesses to listen, measure and understand what people are saying about them. Restaurants are no different – every day millions of reviews get posted on social media by the consumers. Sentiment analysis helps brands go beyond the vanity metrics such as Likes, Shares and Mentions to..

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Do you Have the Right Data for Sentiment Analysis?

August 2, 2016Category : Blog

Last Updated on September 30, 2020 by ConsultantHave you ever heard the term ‘global twitter heartbeat’? Global marketers will die to get it right for the sake of building a strong and efficient sentiment analysis system for their product. It’s utterly an imaginary concept if your business has an online presence and sentiment analysis isn’t a..

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5 Reasons why Twitter could have led to Jon Snow’s return

February 1, 2016Category : Blog

Last Updated on May 22, 2020 by ravibigappThis April, “Winter is coming” and it is going to be super exciting for all the die-hard fans of the popular TV series, Game of Thrones. Last season we got a preview of the icy blue White Walkers during the rescue operation to bring back the wildlings, the..

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